TSL Interview with Rafael Arutyunyan

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Usually I don’t do reviews on interviews or other blogs’ reviews, but I really want to comment on this new interview with Rafael Arutyunyan.

Maybe Rafael English isn’t rich and perfect, but I think he made his thoughts pretty clear. What I really like about him is that he isn’t like other Russian coaches who now works in US/Canada, he didn’t caught this “everything is great” disease. You know, when no matter what the coach was asked about the answer is gonna be “Everything is great, he/she such a great skater, skated great, it’s such a pleasure and bla bla bla. No, Rafael speaks frankly and openly. And I aprreciate that.

Rafael call things what they are. If it’s bad it’s bad, If it’s good it’s good. Such approach also concerns the “prospects conversations” with his students. He speaks openly and made it clear what is real and what is not. I think it’s a healthy approach. And then he rises the next question “What to do if you’re too young for one Olympics and you will be too old for the next ones?” The question of motivation. That maybe the coach should talk to his student and try to explain what goals are real for him.  That there’re other achievements like being a World medalist, National Olympic team member and other that still will make his career successful.

I loved how openly Rafael talks about new rules. That they’re ridiculous and only give more power to the judges. And reises excellent question why ISU never ask coaches what do they think about this changes. How openly he talks about harm for childrens bodies from all this quads.

I also liked his very calm and deliberated look at Eteri vs Evgenia situation. So I really recommend you to watch this interview!



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