Alexei Rogonov: This Olympic season was the last one for our pair with Kristina Astakhova

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Alexei Rogonov in his Instagram told that their partnership with Kristina Astakhova has ended.

It is very difficult for me to write this post, but I can’t remain silent. Apparently, this Olympic season was the last one for our pair with Kristina Astakhova. Kristina decided to leave sport. I was determined to skate at least another four years, but neither me, nor coach, nor the Skating federation was able to persuade Kristina to continue skating.

And I can understand her. All these exhausting trainings, injuries, loads, uncomfortable schedule from 10:00 to 22:00, choreography six times a week, constant lack of money, stress in competitions, responsibility for the country. Moreover, this restless Rogonov, who is ready to endure another four years.

We were called Chrystalics. And I would be glad to continue shining on the ice, but it seems that Kristina’s decision is final. Perhaps someday you will see our couple in ice shows. But now I feel the strength, and an irresistible desire to continue growing as an athlete and compete. Therefore, at the moment I am considering all possible and impossible options …

Alexei Rogonov’s Instagram


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5 Responses to “Alexei Rogonov: This Olympic season was the last one for our pair with Kristina Astakhova”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    I really liked these guys! I will miss them.

  2. skating fan says:

    I think it’s a pity. I have always considered them as a mediocre Russian pair, but now I think that the tough competition among Russian pairs has never let them truly shine. But, they have so much potential! I realized it when I saw their programms from 2014/2015 season. It was their first season together, but their programms were amazing. Their SP to Fergie was powerful. And their FP to “Master and Margarita” was very orginal, with unusual music and great interpretation. They used music to their advantage. I still like to rewatch these programms and I hope that they will continue and shine on ice because they are great athletes and deserve it.

  3. jimmbboe says:

    Wishing them both all the best!

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