Maxim Trankov: Tarasova – Morozov need to learn how to be champions

Posted on 2018-05-17 • 7 comments


On Wednesday, Maxim Trankov was officially confirmed as the coach of Tarasova – Morozov. Some comments from Maxim:

There are moments that I want to improve. Nina Mikhailovna and I talked a lot about this. In any case it would be useful for them to work with me in terms of a “second mark”. This is not their strongest side. Secondly, the guys need to learn how to be champions and be the first pair. Probably psychologically I can help them to feel not as “redheads”, but as the first pair of the country.

The first pair not of any country, but Russia, where pair skating has always been an elite sport. At the Olympics, the guys lacked a bit and my task is to make it enough for the next Olympics.

The guys can do a lot, they are two-time Europeaт champions, twice ьувфдшыеы of the World championships. They have a lot of titles, but people still talk about them as a beginning young pair. I need not only that we stop talking about this, but that the whole world understand that it’s not some kind of beginners, but about a pair that deserves to beat the Chinese in China.

He told a bit about new programs:

The choreographer will be the same person who worked with the guys before that, Peter Tchernyshev. The only thing, I took control of the choice of music, artistic images and choreographers, who will polish these programs. We work closely with Peter Tchernyshev. He listens to our opinion, to my opinion.

In the new program the guys will have a very difficult task in terms of choreography. They will show up in completely different artistic images, not the one wse used to associate the guys with.


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7 Responses to “Maxim Trankov: Tarasova – Morozov need to learn how to be champions”

  1. Lotte says:

    Well, whatever they are about to say, Zhenya and Volodia ARE Russia’s number one. Of course, Ksenia and Fedor have everything they need to change it, they are however inconsistent and injured every once in a while so I’m hardly surprised that RusFed supports T/M, even with their lackluster programs.

  2. OlgaLV says:

    Yes, Trankov is very ambitious. At least we won’t see that awful programs. I wonder what can Ksenia and Fedor say about the first pair in pairs skating.

  3. Kitty says:

    I loved their short program. They should do more like that.

  4. Lotte says:

    Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched but it seems that Maxim acknowledged the utter horribleness of Candyman. I really, really hope he did.

  5. jimmbboe says:

    Good luck to them! :)

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