ISU JGP Bratislava 2015 highlights

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My top things that worth watching on the first junior grand prix in Bratislava:

Polina Tsurskaya’s huge jumps! She got almost record points for the combination (more got only Miki Ando in 2004). Her triple lutz – triple toe loop-double toe loop got 13 points! So, it’s second result in the list of highes scoring elements under the IJS.


Vivian Le debuting at the international junior level. Watch her short program, It’s amazing! But she also has what to show in terms of jumps. Her triple rippon lutz – triple toeloop looks impressive.


Ho Jung Lee and Richard Kang In Kam from South Korea has two solid performances. Great result for duo from the not pro ice dancing country. I think we should remember this names.

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Rachel Parsons  Michael Parsons win their first grand prix of the season. Love their short dance – classical and strong. As for me, they showed the most not juniorish skating among others competitors. I also like their costumes for the short dance a lot, Rachel’s dress is one of my top-three favorite on this event.


My other favorite dresses from the ice dance competition:

Alla Loboda

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And I loved the flowery dress of Guoste Damuleviciute, so nice for the junior girl!


Congratulations to Denis Margalik! Bronze it’s a good start of the season and great result, he has pretty strong competitors. Its first argentinian medal in figure skating, and maybe even in all winter sports!

It was a good debut fot Vincent Zhou. He has everything to be on top. Maybe be hoped for more, but silver on his first junior grand prix is a great result!

margalik and zhou

Roman Sadovsky of Canada wins the first isu event of the season. It was convincing victory. I think he improved in his second mark.

So, the season started! Congratulations to all figure skating fans! See what i think about chances of US ice dancers to take the lead.



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