Ilia Averbukh: I don’t like Orser’s comments

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Who missed Averbukh priceless opinion? This time he seems to be offended) Ilia Averbukh about Medvedeva’s change of coach.

We all loose from Tutberidze and Medvedeva’s break up. Their tandem gave us Medvedeva’s great victories, revealed Eteri’s talent even more. But Eteri and Zhenya are very ambitious girls. I’m sure that this situation will motivate Tutberidze in work with her group.

It will also strongly motivate Zhenya, who wants to prove something in her independent work. Perhaps, this will lead both parties to a new development in their careers. There is nothing more motivating in sport than proving one’s rightness through diligence. – Averbukh said

He also sent his “best wishes” to Brian Orser:

I don’t like Orser’s comments, who starts to give comments using a political background. That poor Zhenya did not have the right to vote, that she was so unhappy following only the directions of the coach. I have been the choreographer of Medvedeva’s programs for four years, so I’ll see what he will do as a choreographer. Zhenya was always engaged in choreographing, her opinion always influenced the program. If Orser wants to raise the topic once again, that the Russians are robots and they in Canada are so free, then I would answer him like this. You need to start your work with a respectful statement about Zhenya’s previous coach and all the choreographers with whom she worked. Because they have a long long way to grow to the level of Medvedeva’s programs. – Averbukh added


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14 Responses to “Ilia Averbukh: I don’t like Orser’s comments”

  1. Hellodarknessmyoldfriend says:

    Well, what can you expect from someone, who makes a young girl skate to 9/11, suicide, clinical death etc. That man needs help.

  2. Cat says:

    I agree with most of Ilia’s comments. It’s obvious (to everyone) that Eteri’s s katers had the ability to personalize their work…that’s point is confirmed in the differences in Alina and Zhenya’s programs.

    I feel that Eteri has elevated each of her students and perhaps #USFigureSkating has something to learn from her.

    Her natural affection and care for her students was obvious in the K&C area. In fact, I believe she was more attentive to her students than many of the other top coaches – including Orser.

    I’m American BTW…no bias…just the facts.

  3. Aya says:

    Why everybody only see how great Orser is and Evgenia being the poorly treated kid. Not realizing the hard work of the people who trained her to getting the world champion title, and those programs that everybody used to enjoy watching before this whole rollercoaster ride and blatant comments as to how bad these people and programs are. If the programs she performed in the last 4 years are not good enough and she did not like it, then all of us who watched it over and over, waited for her turn to skate and some even paid to see it live were shortchanged. If I am in the position of Orser, I will choose never to speak of the former coaches and programs and the way it was done. Rather, I will focus on the “reinvented” skater they are promising the media without maligning the people Medvedeva used to work with. I think that is a more classy way of doing it.

    • FS Gossips says:

      You know it’s funny to read Zhenya’s fans now, her programs became horrible and tasteless, but only a couple of months before fans was trying to persuade everyone how great the programs are) Oh, nothing lasts forever)

  4. Deanne says:

    I will have to side up with Tutberidze & Averbukh on this…

    Forget about Orser’s lifting of Eteri’s star pupil.

    His comments on Trusova, and Eteri’s girls’ incredible success, is plain rude.
    He and Arutunian are simply unable to find female talent to coach on this level in North America — and if they did, they wouldn’t know what to do with the girl(s).

    Their rude remarks aren’t only disrespectful to this group of skaters but they display what has always stalled female athletes and artists. They simply can’t fathom the fact that 13-14 year old girls arguably can – and do – skate better than 13-14 year old boys they train. This whole talk about slowing girls down for their own benefit? BULLSH*T. There was no slowing down when it came to Chen or Yuzuru, was it?

    Evgenia might feel like she’s escaping a Gulag but she might find herself stuck in an open air prison full of glass walls – and a huge glass ceiling.

  5. Diana says:

    well, Evgenia told Orser that Averbukh and Eteri never let her participate in the creation of the programs. And it’s honestly I lie. They did listened to her opinion.
    Evgenia had it better than all the rest of Eteri Group.

  6. Carina says:

    When will he realize that he’s not the main character in this story?

  7. Kashmir says:

    Averbukh is way over his head here. Orser will be able to help Zhenya bring in some incredible programs for the future. I look forward to seeing her 2018-19 program and Zhenya not having to skate with Eteri’s ego on her shoulders, basically crushing the poor girl. She was treated like a trophy.

  8. susan says:

    I wonder how Averbukh can stay upright, what with the chip on his shoulder and the massive, overblown ego he must carry around.

  9. Lotte says:

    Oh come on :) I kinda get he’s offended, he was her main choreographer, Zagitova prefers working with Danill (thank God TBH) so he lost his only (?) prominent “client”. I kinda sorta understand he’s angry.

  10. Mad for Skating says:

    I’ve learned to never trust the opinion of a man who makes a girl skate to ringing phones…

  11. jimmbboe says:

    So he’s responsible for Evgenia’s boring programs?!

  12. OlgaLV says:

    Ha,ha! He seems to be completely frustrated as well as Tutberidze. I think Orser even did not think about Averbukh when gave this interview. Someone has just too high self-esteem…

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