Russian ice dance drama [13.04.2018]

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Congratulations! We officially entered the off season with its traditional break-ups and coach changes dramas.

  • Minus 1 junior pair – Sofia Polishchuk and Alexander Vakhnov split up.
  • Of course Anjelika Krylova came back to Russia not to train kids, it was obvious that some senior pairs will change a coach and start to work with Anjelika. Betina Popova and Sergei Mozgov announced their move. But first we had an opportunity to see another classic Ksenia Rumyantseva’s hysteric on Facebook. So Krylava can be sure Russian coaches “happy” about her return to motherland.

(It’s an old photo but I don’t lose hope that Sergei will be back to normal hair color)

Betina’s comment from Instagram:

In order to clarify the current situation, I inform that now our pair will train under the guidance of A.Krylova and E. Tchaikovskaya.

It’s extremely unpleasant for me that Kseniya Gennadievna found out about this not from me, but from some strange boy, having read other people’s correspondence. It’s a pity that during the evening I spent preparing for an extremely difficult conversation with a person who have been raising me for ten years as an athlete, while I was picking up the right words, someone decided that he had the right to say everything for me. Nevertheless, Sergei and I expressed our gratitude to our former coach. Ksenia Gennadievna brought me to the Master of Sports of the International Class, for which I am immensely grateful. She did us wonderful dances last season, which led us to a significant success. She did a lot of work on us during the season in which we agreed to cooperate together, after we were kicked out of the group again. Unfortunately, yes it’s true, we were expelled from the group and more than once. It was incredibly difficult to find a common language. We were very happy to work with Kseniya Gennadievna in the last season. And all our results are completely her merit.

Now we go further. We take steps in our career. Finding better conditions for training and ways to develop ourselves as professionals. Soon we will start to work in a new team. Work, work and work again … different situations happen in life, no one will ever know for sure what was between us in this ten years of teamwork, so please, I ask you very much to refrain from any condemning statements about me or Ksenia Gennadyevna.

Betina at the new rink:

So one to go, who is gonna be the next?

I’m very curious whether Alla and Pavel will make some changes in their work this season. But while Alla’s new photo and comment about love:

“Love has too few chances. Without it there is no chance at all”

Alla Loboda

Pavel and his vacations:

Pavel Drozd

Victoria and Nikita found their passwords for Instagram and finally posted some photos:

Sinitsina Katsalapov

Sinitsina Katsalapov

Ekaterina Bobrova continues her vacation in US


Ekaterina Bobrova

Dmitri Soloviev took part in a perfume commercial:

Dmitri Soloviev

and posted this photo with his girlfriend with accent on her hand….with rings….Should we expect another wedding?)

last week episode [06.04.2018]


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2 Responses to “Russian ice dance drama [13.04.2018]”

  1. OlgaLV says:

    It’s interesting that E.Chaikovskaya is still active in fig.skating. Before I saw her with Nikita and Vika,I thought that she had retired as a coach.
    FS Gossips, keep us updated about new coach changes in the future,please. :)

    • FS Gossips says:

      Well, rumour has it Loboda Drozd is also moving to Anjelika. But I’m not sure. Maxim Kovtun returned to Buyanova, Anastasia Gubanova also joined Buyanova’s group.

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