Evgenia Medvedeva: Olympics change people

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Interview with Evgenia Medvedeva.

Is it hard after all the performances give one interview after another, have press conference after the press conference?

– Here everything is ambiguous. When a person sits in front of you and asks questions from the list  – that’s hard. But if you communicate freely,  everything is much easier.

Are the medals heavy?

– Heavy. Literally and figuratively. Literally *she took both medals* here’s 1,2 kg. Figuratively – many years of hard work.

How was the night after the performance?

– Not calm. I slept, probably, for three hours. But spent the rest of the time with benefit for my inner world.

Do you really not like to sleep? Or is it an irony?

– There is no irony. From an early age, I never slept during the day. Even in the stroller – according to my parents. Usually small children sleep in the stroller when you go for a walk with them. Me not. I lay, looking up at the sky: birds fly, leaves on the trees move … It’s so interesting! In general, I do not like to sleep. Sleep takes too much time. It annoys me. So I’m glad that I slept only three hours and at the same time I feel fine.

Where do you get energy from?

–  I try to rest morally. It does not always turn out, sometimes you have to force yourself, but nevertheless *she laughs* silence is very helpful. And no sounds! I do not even have a TV in my room. I just lie there with a phone in my hands, that’s all. It’s enough.

The most vivid impression of the Olympics?

– When you understand that you are in Korea, but the whole arena is speaking in your native language. Unforgettably!

You admitted that during the Games became a completely different person. Were you surprised by this change?

– Yes. I was told that the Olympics change people, but I did not think that they change them so much. Now I look at many things differently. I treat them differently. Even those I have never noticed before.

Have you grown up?

– I was growing up during the whole season when I had to cope with the difficulties. But at the Games, of course, too. I feel that I have changed inside, hope that for the better.

You told that you finished reading “Anna Karenina.” They say that it’s not an easy book. For 30-year-olds. That it’s even better to remove it from the school program …

– I do not agree with this! Karenina lived at a time when if you are 25 years old, and you are not yet married, then you are an old maid! So why should this book now be read by those who are already 30? In my opinion, I’m just at the age when I need to read this book.

Did you cry when the heroine stepped under the train?

–  No. Books or movies don’t make me that emotional. I cried only when I “stepped under the train” myself. In ny free program.

For the first time in your life?

– Yes. I’ve never cried before. At least – after the skate. Here it was for the first time. And this is one more moment that I will remember about the Olympics. I do not think that in the near future it will be possible to experience the same emotions.

The program of Olympic hospitality Procter & Gamble is called “Thank you, Mom”. What do these words mean to you?

– A lot of things! Family is the most important thing. There are three people in our family. Mom, Grandmother and me. Plus a dog, but it’s on its own *laughs* So, our whole family lives in figure skating. We are all passionate about one thing. And we feel each other’s support. There is no such thing that everyone sat down at the table, toast and began to say a words of gratitude to each other. Such gratitude is natural. After all, my mother gave me life. Without her, nothing could be a priori. I’m glad that thanks to participation in the program “Thank you, Mom!” my mother was cheering for me here, next to me. I knew that I would show 100% of what I have.

You talked about the dog. But, I thought you also have fishes?

– I had. Now, alas, no. I had to give them to friends. We do not have time to take care of them.

In Korea, there are fish-robots in aquariums.

– What a nightmare! I understand that they do not need to be fed. But, excuse me, it’s a nightmare! I definitely don’t need such.

Can you afford a quiet walk with your dog in the park? The request for autographs will not bother?

– Easily. If people recognize me and ask to take a photo, I do not refuse. It’s a pleasure for me.

You are a fan of K-pop. Do you know Korean songs by heart?

– Yes! I know. Although I will not quote, do not ask. *laughs*  And no, I do not speak Korean. But I still learned the lyrics of my favorite songs.

What was most impressive at the Games?

– The size of the Olympic Village! Everything is so big … I thought that there would be less houses and territory. But in reality everything is just great! And you walk down the street like in a computer game. Everywhere groups in the same uniforms. Large groups. For skaters this is unusual. We are not used to walking as a team – after all, we have an individual sport. Usually we go in white jackets and we look as white dots in the general crowd. But here a group of Canadian hockey players, or eight men in orange coats… Beauty!

Your mother confessed that she does not like hockey. And you?

– The same. I’ve never watched hockey or football. At these Olympic Games, I liked the broadcasts of the short track and speed skating. And curling. An interesting sport!

Have you tiried to play?

– No. But I want to! To understand how it works? To touch the ice – it’s said to be rough.  Is it real to pick up the stone? What do they do with brushes? How does the physical contact of the shoes with the ice feel?

Football goalkeepers have their own signs – for example, you need to talk to the goalpost. Do you talk with ice?

– It’s a shame to admit, but for me the ice is just a material thing. Many skaters perceive it as a living being. Me not. For me, ice is a simple tool. Like my skates, my blades. And even my legs and body.

Let’s go back to the Olympics. Do you have a feeling that you got into a fairy tale?

– Yes. Like something not real is around. Like a computer game. You have a location and a mission, you are put into it, you have to accomplish it. And then – the closing ceremony, salute, you go home.

But in the game, if something does not work out, you can start from the beginning.

– Oh yes. But, unfortunately, I will be able to restart everything only in four years …

Is it difficult to set yourself up for a new Olympic cycle? Maybe a pause is needed?

– I do not want any pause! A new day – again to work.

Ekaterina Bobrova admitted that she is very fond of figure skating. But still gets tired of it.

– Well she has been in sport for 17 years! And I’m just 18 years old. Different situations, agree!

by Pavel Lysenkov, Oleg Chikiris and Nikolai Mysin for sovsport.ru


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