Couple of words after Olympics

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I wrote couple of words before Olympics because I wasn’t sure whether I’ll have any desire to write something after. You see Olympics in Sochi left me heartbroken, all my favorites lost there so I was preparing myself for the same outcome in Pyeongchang. Surprisingly this Olympics turned out very happy for me.

First, team Canada won gold in team event.

I know it sounds not patriotically, but I was cheering for team Canada from all my heart. Relax, skaters from my country didn’t get into to the free program, so I’m free to love whoever I want) The thing is, there were some skaters for whom I desperately wanted this gold. So thank you team Canada (even those who wasn’t competing but came to support their teammates) for making this dream come true! Patrick got his Olympic gold, Tessa and Scott got theirs, could I want more? That’s why I told myself: “Well that’s already a very happy Olympics, so relax, enjoy competitions and come what may.” I couldn’t even imagine that another pleasant surprises were above to come!

But first couple of words about the team event. Team Italy, I love you! Let me turn on the “Russian” mode and say I wish there were two bronze medals) Because you were great, it was a pleasure to watch all your performances.

In Sochi team Russia really put a lot of efforts to win the team gold. In Sochi they were one team. Here it seemed that everyone was concentrated on his own goals, they tried to minimize the loads on their best skaters, not to mention almost empty team box (like they don’t care at all about the results of other skaters from their team) so I guess this was a logical result. Team Canada just wanted this gold more and bet everything on it.

Team USA congratulations with bronze! There were also some skaters for whom I’m really happy. Yeah Adam and Mirai, I’m talking about you)

As I said that was a great competition for me. Pictures of happy Patrick just melted my heart) Is there a biggest happiness for a fan than to see his favorite skater that happy? I guess no) It took so many years and we needed a whole team to broke the Canadian curse.

So after wine and photos of happy Patrick I was completely ready to watch the individual event) Nothing could upset me. There was a brilliant pairs’ short program! That competition really was worth Olympics. In recent 4 years pair skating has become such an interesting discipline! So many good pairs, with strong skating and interesting programs!

The last warm-up of pairs’ free program I spent in tears. I can’t discribe how happy I’m for Aliona Savchenko. Probably that was the most emotional moment of the Olympics for me. Because I love and respect her, because she has gone through a lot, because that was such a beautiful and confident victory, because from time to time people need a proof that your work will be rewarded, that miracles do happen, that fairness exists.

I also love Sui Han, and I don’t think that silver is a loss. They are young and I egoistically want to see them skating further, to see their new programs, better than this free program.

Meagan and Eric may not be my favorite pair but I respect them. They probably did the most for the team, risked their individual medal (honestly I didn’t expect them do that well after skating both programs in the team event). So that was such a well-deserved bronze!

I’m not a fan of Yuzuru, or Shoma and I criticized Javi a lot for his skating skills, but I think that men’s pedestal is completely fair and I’m happy with it) Boyang and Nathan, I’m sure your Olympics are next.

Already in fall I accepted the fact that Tessa and Scott probably will not have a second individual gold, but kept saying “Come what may”. Because deep inside I had this thought “Ice is slippery, don’t forget what happened in Torino, anything can happen, don’t award medals before actual competitions.” And another miracle happened. Sorry fans of the French duo, but someone shouldn’t have said “In a year they will become Olympic champions”. Yeah monsieur Gailhaguet I’m talking about you.

So after amazing team event, men’s pedestal that completely satisfied me, Tessa and Scott becoming two-time Olympic Champions I actually didn’t care who will win the ladies event. It turned out the least interesting competition for me. But I really happy for Kaetlyn Osmond, she showed the best skating in her career in a right time!

Sorry, after the Olympics I was completely burnt out and couldn’t make myself write a real review, but I wanted to share some impressions.


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  1. jimmbboe says:

    Was over the moon when Team Canada won the gold but heartbroken after Gabby’s free skate. Was happy to see Alina and Kaetlyn on the podium!

  2. Mad for Skating says:

    Well…I am American but I cheered for Canada too. Don’t tell anyone :)

    I cried through the final group of pairs too! I burst into tears the minute Aliona landed the second throw jump. I can’t think of a more deserving Olympic champion than strong, fierce, and beautiful Aliona Savchenko. And Bruno did his job wonderfully, and deserves the medal too.
    Then I sobbed all the way through Duhamel and Radford’s program. Like you, I thought they couldn’t skate four clean programs, but they did not disappoint. I mouthed along with every word of Hometown Glory, then jumped off the couch screaming like Tara Lipinski in Nagano haha.
    I love Sui and Han too, so let me sound like a Russian for a minute: There should be three gold medals in pair skating!
    My heart broke for Tarasova and Morozov, which surprised me. For the past two years, I’ve watched them with a kind of resentment. You all know who is Russian no.1 pair in my heart :) But they went to the Olympics with a program everyone hates, under a flag that is not their own, and finished in the unluckiest spot. So I wish them beautiful programs and normal circumstances next season.

    I lost interest in men’s after Jason missed the team. I’m happy for the medalists, especially Shoma because he’s adorable, but the only program that really satisfied me was Adam’s. But the guys did well, so I’m not complaining.

    Sorry, but I couldn’t really enjoy ice dance much. I just don’t like how the top two couples get world records every time they skate. That said…I feel bad for P/C about the dress accident. Their SD was really fun for me to watch (or maybe I just love Ed Sheeran). But I think Tessa and Scott deserved the gold; their free dance was beautiful. I’m happy for my countrymen the Shibutanis. But what surprised me were my tears at Bobrova/Soloviev’s free dance! What has happened to me?

    I’ve honestly started watching the girls only for the pretty dresses, so Dabin Choi won the event hands down in that area. But I’m super happy for Kaetlyn!

    I survived this Olympics well, but it just felt like a normal event to be honest. My heart has already broken so many times this season. Maybe since all my favorite ladies, favorite man, and favorite pair were all missing. But it was still a great competition.

  3. Lotte says:

    I guess we agree on each and every point :)
    These Olympics have just been so amazing.

  4. jane lemonds says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Natalia says:

    Thank you for overview! I completely agree with you! I was literary crying while watching Aljona and Bruno FS. I’m so happy for results in team, men and dance events. Even thought I didn’t believe that VM can win gold, I was hoping for it a lot..“Come what may”. I’m so glad for them! They deserved this gold. I didn’t really care about ladies, but I’m happy for Kaetlyn!

    P.S. I’m looking forward to your fashion reviews! :) there were really many very nice dresses! Especially Latina dresses were a pleasant surprise (compared to Turin :-)))

    • FS Gossips says:

      “P.S. I’m looking forward to your fashion reviews! :) there were really many very nice dresses! Especially Latina dresses were a pleasant surprise (compared to Turin :-)”
      I think I’ll do my annual review after Worlds. Latina wasn’t that bad, bit still there were some failures)

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