Alexei Mishin: I regret that you can not award two gold medals

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I really don’t understand what’s going on in Russian figure skating. They won gold and silver, but the mood among the fans like someone died. And all the coaches are asked about “Medvedeva’s tragedy”. That’s what Mishin and Moskvina said:

Is there a tragedy in Medvedeva’s silver? This is a very correct question. You know, for someone the Olympic victory is the greatest happiness, and for someone – the greatest tragedy. My attitude towards Zhenya Medvedeva: she is so strong as an athlete, her comments are so wise, she won so much popularity in the world of figure skating and in general in sports that I regret only one thing. I regret that you can not award two gold medals.

Our team and figure skating, the whole Olympic team and all the fans of figure skating needed these medals. The whole country needed them. We are in a very difficult situation, our sport is in a difficult situation, let’s face the truth. The fact that our girls performed so brilliantly makes us strong again, again the best, again cool. – Mishin said.

There is no tragedy, because Medvedev is the second in the Olympic cycle. Ask people in other sports how it could be. She is the second in the world, so there is no tragedy. And the fact that in competitions there are first, second, third place and further – it is known to all athletes. All of them aspire to get to the pedestal, as high as possible, well, and then as the situation develops.

In our sport there is no objective evaluation in the form of a stopwatch, centimeter or other measures, we have complexity of the program, the beauty of the movements, the artistry, the complexity of the elements – it all determines the place. This time, things has not turned out in her (Medvedeva’s) favor. It’s okay, she still has a lot of years to amaze the fans all over the world and especially the citizens of our country with her skill, dedication, intelligence. I really like it in her. – Moskvina said.


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2 Responses to “Alexei Mishin: I regret that you can not award two gold medals”

  1. Felicity says:

    He doesn’t say, “…still has a lot of years to win Olympic medals…” Is that his tacit acknowledgment that Evgenia’s time is up because the younger ones are due their turn?

    • FS Gossips says:

      I think we all know it. I mean, maybe next season they both will still be on top, because other girls from their group will be too young to move to seniors. But then….

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