Maria Sotskova: I don’t want to make any war for medals

Posted on 2018-02-19 • 1 comment


Maria Sotskova about her attitude to Olympic Games.

The Olympics is the goal that all athletes are striving for. I’m here and I’m very happy. I want to feel the atmosphere of the Olympic Games, not to make any war for medals or something like this. It’s all unnecessary now. I need to throw it away from my head and just enjoy.

Maria also told that she “set the mood for Olympics as for usual competitions, as always with a desire to show my maximum.”

We do not invent anything new, we are not going to jump above the head, I just want to do the work that I can do and enjoy it immensely.

About training camp in Japan:

I liked it there. It was a good training camp, with a nice atmosphere, everything was created in order to prepare for the Olympic Games.


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  1. jimmbboe says:

    Yay for Maria!!

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