Mikhail Kolyada: Once I was given underpants

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It’s holidays time and what does it mean? Presents! So I couldn’t passed by this part of Mikhail Kolyada’s interview (the rest of the interview isn’t very interesting).

Girls figure skaters like to skate in Japan, they bring full suitcases of presents from there.

I brought two suitcases jam-packed from the Grand Prix Final.

What was the most unusual present?

– Nothing came as a jack-in-the-box. Let me think. Once I was given underpants. Not any special ones, but simple – striped. Gray. I also received T-shirts. I like it, I wear it all.

Where do people more often tell they love you?

– Well, everywhere.

But from where go more hearts?

– The most passionate fans are in Japan. They are so emotionally involved. They have it in their blood. I don’t know how much loyal you need to be to this sport to be so attentive to the gifts! You need to buy, to pack, then to buy tickets to the competitions, to come and watch from start to the end, then come to the hotel and wait to present this gift. Which is so well packed. The Japanese are so pedantic people! I like it very much in Japan.


So be sure, Mikhail will appreciate all your presents and will use them)


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  1. skating fan says:

    He is such a nice and good-hearted boy :)

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