Tatiana Tarasova: Skipping the Grand Prix Final isn’t a big loss for Medvedeva

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Tatiana Tarasova about Evgenia Medvedeva’s withdrawal from Grand Prix Final.

I don’t think that Grand Prix Final is such a big loss for Zhenya, these are commercial competitions. There is still time, and I think she also could skip the national championship. I remember I intentionally freed my skaters from such competitions to prepare for the Olympics in silence. That’s why I think it’s a right decision, Zhenya should have time to recover.

If it was my will, I’d withdraw her from competitions even earlier, it’s not right to underestimate injury. But I’d recommend to ask her coach Eteri Tutberidze to comment on this topic, she knows the situation better. And, of course, to a doctor who is responsible for athlete’s participation in competitions. – Tarasova said.



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