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Recently Canadian figure skater Nam Nguyen took part in summer competitions Thornhill Summer Skate and showed his programs for the upcoming season. Last year he had solid performances and great results as for just from the juniors skater. So, it’s interesting what did he and his team choose for this year to consolidate Nam’s position on the national and international stage.

Short program is to The Killing Fields OST.

I think that this program is a bit dark for the young skater and his skating lacks power to match the music. Sometimes the music is stronger than him. But it’s still August and Nam Nguyen has time for improvement and maybe up to the main competitions it’ll look better. They obviously tried to make him look more mature and different from his last year characters and i like this.

Free program is to the Passacaglia and Fugue in D minor by Bach

For the free program they also choose powerful and dramatic music that is not easy to skate for a young athlete. While in the short program it can work and emphasise the elements, for the free program I’ve doubts. First of all it’s a classical piece, not an easy one. And Nam lacks power and speed across the ice to match this music. I don’t think this music will help him to sell the program. You also need good lines and posture to skate to classical music but there are not Nam’s strong features yet. On this stage the choice of music looks too ambitious. I also hope that it’s not a final variant for the costume, he definitely need to think of a better one.

Nam Nguyen is a future of Canadian men’s figure skating, but what about the present? Patrick Chan promised to come back. See what I think about his return.



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