Figure skating Halloween 2017

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It was a Halloween night so let’s have some fun and look at skaters’ costumes!

Happy Halloween from Team Canada!

Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sorensen

Little Meagan Duhamel “Some girls dress up as princesses for Halloween. But I wanted to be a cowboy. Live your dreams my friends! Be yourself!

Meagan Duhamel

Kaitlin HawayekDecided instead of dressing up for Halloween this year, I would just embrace my true self

Keitlun Hawayek

Jason Brown “In honor of leaving for Japan next week…I decided to dress as my favorite Japanese snack!!”

Jason Brown

Jason Brown


Jason Brown

Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland

Valentina Marchei and  Ondrej HotarekHappy Halloween from the ADDAMS FAMILY, italian edition

Valentina Marchei Ondrej Hotarek


Maxim Kovtun and girls from CSKA

Halloween in team Novi. Hard to say who is who)

Happy Halloween from Misha Ge and Natalia Zabijako

Misha Ge

Johnyy Weir

Johnny Weer

Vanessa James, Morgan Cipres and Florent Amodio

Vanessa James Morgan Cipres

Morgan Cipres…..costume update)

Morgan Cipres

Happy Halloween from Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje

Hope you had a great time!


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  1. jimmbboe says:

    LOL Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland!!

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