Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov: Half of the program passed almost at our maximum

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Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov told Tatjana Flade about their new programs and what happened during the free program at Finlandia Trophy.

As they say the first pancake is always lumpy. You started so well…

Fedor: Yes, we started well, half of the program passed almost at our maximum at the moment. Then a mistake on the first lift. I don’t understand…

Ksenia: Most likely, this is my mistake. I did a change badly, there was a little disruption, apparently, I drifted.

Fedor: It confused a little bit. But we continued, it seemed well, but during or on the entry to the second lift, or on the spin my laces fell off the hook. So I skated with the unlaced boot. Perhaps mistakes happened because of this. I felt this on the second lift and began to think what to do, whether to stop the program. But we had only three elements left. While I was thinking about all this, we failed the spin, after which I decided to straighten the lace. The last two elements were already done on the nerves, but it’s good that we coped. The whole situation is a happenstance. In fact, there was only one serious mistake, in the middle of the program. This, probably, because we haven’t been skating much yet, the beginning of the season.

Ksenia:  Yes, it’s been exactly a month since the moment when we started to train fully. Fedya started to do lifts in early September, because doctors did not allow him. And at the moment, I think that in principle we performed very worthily, except for these mistakes, of course.

Fedor: We failed two lifts, everything else was at a good level, we did the jumping elements.

Ksenia: As for the triple twist, I also wanted to say that we started doing it on ice only three weeks ago. Of course, it’s still in a raw state, and it’s too early to conclude that it will look like this during the whole season. Of course not. We will work on it.

Fedor: But tooday it wasn’t bad.

Still it’s very dangerous when there are such problems with laces. Fedya, didn’t you feel anything going on the lift?

Fedor: No, I did not. When we have already done it, then I felt it. Then I thought that there’s one more lift to go. Probably it was necessary to skip the spin, but I tried to enter it. But this does not change the whole picture … In general, let everyone watch the first half and the ending. (Laughing)

Indeed, from the very beginning the program looked very good. “Carmen” is quite an overused music, but your program is liked. And really, very few pairs used this music.

Ksenia: Thank you, we tried. I was very afraid, when in the off-season we were choosing music. In general, we did not consider the classic and overused options. I even haven’t thought about Carmen. There was an idea to use “Scheherazade”, but this is also an overused music. We decided to try Carmen, because, in fact, it’s hard to remember who among pairs used it. Maybe a long time ago someone skated, but from our generation – no one. I think Jessica Dube skated at couple of competitions. But in general, this music was not used in pair skating, so it would be a sin not to take it.

Ksenia, was it your decision to take Carmen?

Ksenia: It was a joint decision with Nina Mikhailovna (Mozer), because the program that we originally did with Marie-France Dubreuil, we did not really like. We thought that it is a good program, but it is not an Olympic program. Therefore, it was decided to do “Carmen” after all.

Which music was chosen originally?

Ksenia: It was similar to the one we’ve been skating the last two seasons – modern. Yes, we did a very good program, but we did not feel that we could pull it to the level we want.

by Tatjana Flade for fsrussia.ru


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9 Responses to “Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov: Half of the program passed almost at our maximum”

  1. skating fan says:

    Honestly, I like the fact that they change styles- they had classical program (Debussy), modern program (last year FP), or programs to film music like the Addams family, interview with the vampire or la strada. Although their choice was quite unexpected, I expected something modern, but I really like this FP. It is evident that Ksenia enjoys being Carmen :) I hope, she’ll change her dress, I don’t like the necline. It’s good to hear that it was only a lace problem, it’s their first competition this season so I hope they’ll show us many excellent performances :)

    • FS Gossips says:

      As for the dress….I also hope she will change it. I love the simplicity, but it has a lot in common with her Adams Family dress. I also don’t like this laces…it look wierd. Maybe I just expected a lot, but Ksenia is a trend setter in figure skating fashion, so the bar is raised pretty high.

      • skating fan says:

        For me, her Addams family dress was much better, it was simply and classy und suited her.

  2. Lotte says:

    They’re program is IMO fabulous, the mistakes happen. Better now than at Nationals, let alone Olympics.

    And, and, and – what do you think about Stepanova and Bukin’s FD? At last the mystery has been revealed!

  3. susan says:

    Love this pair. I just knew Knesia would be a fierce Carmen, and I was right. Even after the mishaps, she got right back into character as though nothing had happened. I love both of their programs this season. My greatest wish is that they stay healthy and we all have the chance to see them skate them lights out.

  4. OlgaLV says:

    Their free program was heartbreaking. I can’t watch it again, however I liked the routine and characters. Hope to see them healthy and strong! But they really coped excellent with such mistakes as they could finish program as if nothing happened!

    • FS Gossips says:

      I was so happy to hear that it was just a lace problem. Yes, it’s unpleasant, but such things happen. All’s well that ends wel, it’s just a b-competition, no one got injured.

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