Sergei Voronov: Music for new programs I chose myself

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Sergei Voronov commented on his performance at Ondrej Nepela Trophy.

Sergei: This is my third start of the season. I’m pleased with silver at competition in Bratislava. It wasn’t easy to become second in such a worthy company. But I’m grateful that the circumstances have developed so, that I finally got this competition. Of course, I wish Dima Aliev health. But I could not help but be happy that I’m going to Bratislava. We  wanted this start so much and got it. Even though we find it out at last day. Thank God that the choreographer was able to go with me, to set me up …

In any case, after the competitions it became clear that there are many work to be done, though I’m not lazy at training. And the fact that a lot of work has been done over these months is not an empty word …

It is not easy to perform at third competition in a row, but I’m happy that I’m skating at the third competition. I can say without false modesty and pathos that it deserves respect …

As for the fall on quad in a short program, I was told so many times that I’ve been jumping a quad for so long, and what? Can not keep my bottom above ice? Therefore, when I went to the free program, I thought that even if I fly with my head down, I would still do this jump. I need to do it! Without any doubt! And together with my team we will “finish off”this jump!

What are the conclusions after this competition? To work even more. Shut up and work! At home we will discuss with the coach Inna Germanovna (Goncharenko) and choreographer our nearest plans. I would like to perform at one more B event. I need a ranking, and such competitions motivate. Finally, we need to show new costumes. In Bratislava, I skated in last year’s. The autumn-winter 2018 collection is being prepared. I saw the sketches. Costumes are in work. Inna Germanovna a little worried about this, but everything will be fine!

Music for new programs I chose myself. Then discussed it with coaches, they agreed. I have wanted to skate to this music for a long time. But it did not work out. And this season I decided: when, if not now? Music for short and free programs is very beautiful, not boring. Moreover, I’m ready to listen the music from the free program everywhere – in the car, on vacation. As the choreographer Misha Ge said, these programs emphasize my strengths. And I believed him, I believed myself and I do not regret this decision.

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