Chinese pairs programs for season 2017-2018: review + video

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Everything becomes so exciting! More and more skaters show their new programs. I don’t know where to find time to watch all videos)

I was thrilled by Sui / Han’s music choice for the short program, I was absolutely sure that’s a great choice that will suit them so much and be a perfect Olympic program. From what I’ve seen, they completely lead up to my expectations.

Wenjing Sui and Cong Han SP

video by pnerds

This program is made for goosebumps, this program is made to be breathtaking. And it will be. I got goosebumps at that step sequence even watching video of not the best quality! I guess this season “Hallelujah” is going to be my favorite song. Oh, and I really loved her dress.

free program:

video by Yan Han fan

Obviously their free program is less prepared, but I already know that it’ll look amazing at the last warm-up at Olympics. The music is strong, big and powerful. Yes, it’s superclassico and a warhorse, but it helps to create victorious mood. But such program requires strong and clean elements right into music accents.

Xiaoyu Yu and Hao Zhang SP:

video by pnerds

Another amazing program to classics and absolute favorite piece of the season – Swan Lake. The program is gorgeous. Yu with her beautiful posture and lines looks perfect and I’m glad that they didn’t make Hao to perform prince) He looks much better and persuasive as a dark wizard. I like how they use this contrast between them by choosing right artistic images and music. She’s so graceful and fragile, he’s so reliable and strong. And again, it’s hard to compete with Tchaikovsky.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a better video of their free program yet, but If you’re really curious take a look:

video by pnerds

The one thing I realized, their program is in style which is very trendy in ice dance) And I really want to take a closer look at her dress!

Cheng Peng and Yang Jin

Chinese pairs don’t stop to surprise me! In a good way) Such a great, elegant and tasteful tango! This team really can be different and use different styles. Variety is always great. The program is very-well done, it has a tango mood, all  music accents is highlighted with some “interesting small things”. What can I say? All short programs of Chinese team are haute couture.

The FP video is also not in good quality yet:

What I like is that SP and FP are in completely different styles. But I need to see a better video to say something more.

But need to say, I’m really impressed overall.



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