Elena Buyanova: Lena is by nature primarily an athlete

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Translation of Elena Buyanova’s interview. This part is about Elena Radionova.

Elena Radionova’s short program remains the same?

– Yes, but there were moments to improve. We change something, we paid a lot of attention to steps and spins. But the main thing is that the visit of specialists from the federation was successful, they liked the programs of both girls. They appreciated our efforts and I’m very pleased that the girls showed the programs convincingly. This is important. An important psychological moment. Because sometimes it happens that you work all spring, half of the summer and then they come to you and say that your work is worthless. Such is hard to take.

Have you ever been told such?

– Thank goodness, no. But in figure skating it is very important to hit the program.

Radionova’s free program….

– …. “Historia de un Amor”. We have a very unusual version, from the middle of the steps it differs from the classical version.

Did you choose the music?

– We all. Lena, Tatiana Tarasova, (choreographer) Ira Tagaeva, Shae-Lynn Bourne … There was such a situation that we did not like everything in music, which Shae-Lynn sent for the first time. But both me and Tarasova liked this “Love story”. Shae-Lynn listened and also approved.

What did the technical specialist say?

– Gave the necessary recommendations on the technical component of the programs. Steps sequences and spins – all attention to them.

Elena’s move to you became a surprise for yourself.

– Of course! Complete surprise. Moreover, it happened at the end of the season, when all the training camps were planned.

Contact between coach and skater is found?

– Contact? You know, it helped that we have a little skating rink in CSKA, so we already knew each other. For years we have been at each other’s sight all day long. She grew up before my eyes, I knew how her career was developing. So there was no some getting used to each other, now I even have a feeling that she was always in our group. She came to the ice with big eyes. The desire to make herself better overwhelmed her. You can only respect such people.

How to tell you … she came to change destiny. And such athletes are always motivated to work. There’s no sense to change the coach and stay the same, this is not a very interesting experience. Lena came, we talked and came to the conclusion that if she wants to progress further, she needs to change something. In herself. Yes, your conversationalist can nod and say: “I’m ready,” but in 18 it’s hard to make yourself different, because by eighteen you are already an established athlete. Radionova has medals from European and World Championships, she had everything! And then she comes to another coach and has to re-accustom to something. What for? This question will be asked by any person. Not every athlete in principle capable of this. And the one who is capable, may not be able to do it quickly. Radionova doesn’t have much time. She is a person with ambitions, came to our group before the Olympic season.

What did she need to change?

– Haven’t you seen it now for yourself?! Hasn’t she became different?

She became slim and more powerful in skating. Previously, she performed beautifully, but not at the limit …

– on maximum, right. It happened for a reason. And not just because we offered her our training process, but because she was ready for it. She was able to change her destiny. Lena absorbs everything like a sponge and does not get tired of trying. She works beyond what I give her. I really appreciate this person for such efforts. The main thing is that everything does not end in a month …

What was the most difficult for Elena to get used to?

– She was raised by another coach, to whom she was used to, and coach used to her. There are a lot of details in both physical trainings and the choreography, adapting to which the athlete sometimes has to break himself in the literal sense of the word. In 18 to leave the coach who raised you it’s probably the most difficult thing. It is clear that she wants something new in her life.

She became different even on Instagram. If the season before last passed under the sign of social life with model shots, now there is much more spontaneity, an open smile appeared.

– She has a working attitude now. The growing up process goes differently for all girls – for someone earlier, for someone later and for someone quite late. Girls like to pose and dress nicely – this is good. It would be worse if they only walked in their pajamas. But it’s important to know when to stop, in youth you want everything and faster. That’s the catch. I’ve said a million times that life in sports is very short, especially for girls. And I really want them to have time. I’m talking about sports. All these fashions, nominations, presentations, demonstrations – this all will come.

Her former coach Inna Goncharenko said that Elena from the fighting child has turned into an imposing lady.

– We are talking exactly about this, that sometimes girl wants to be like that. But you as a coach also need to understand why your athelete suddenly went in the other direction. Therefore, Lena decided to take some inner step. I see that she did a break inside. I did not do it to her, but she continues to do it herself, on her own initiative. It’s a deed. You know, maybe it’s good when a person falls somewhere, that very other direction that turns out to be a pit.

When you are still the same athlete, but not the same?

– When while you were training, it turned out that someone did it better. And then it’s too late.

Isn’t there danger that this Elena’s breakdown can pass soon?

– Man is not infinite. Man gets loads. Man gets tired. But together we try to keep this useful tendency. Lenka – she is by nature primarily an athlete.

by Anatoly Samokhvalov for rsport.ru


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  1. Figureskatingfan says:

    I was apprehensive about the coach switch initially, but it sounds like Buyanova and Elena have a good relationship and she is motivated to work hard to get on the Olympic team. I’ll be rooting for her!!

    • FS Gossips says:

      Elena understands that it’s probably her only chance to go to Olympics. So she’s super motivated. Any coach like to work with such super motivated athletes.

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