Elena Radionova: Everything is never perfect

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Translation of the interview with Elena Radionova. About vacations, work with Shae-Lynn Bourne and Olympics.

How did you spend your vacation?

– Spent 10 days in the Maldives. Not so much, but I managed to rest and gain strength. That was exactly what I needed. The rest turned out quite calm, first of all for my head, because the Moscow rush is exhausting, and in the Maldives I managed to stay alone with myself. At the same time, during the rest I didn’t forget about sport and was maintaining physical shape.

Did you manage to eat something forbidden on vacation? Sweets, for example.

– I was lucky. There were almost no harmful delicacies on vacation. There were a lot of fruits, that what I ate mostly.


Are there many temptations that surround you outside the ice? What is the hardest to resist?

– Of course, there are temptations, temptations are everywhere, but in general athletes are very disciplined people, so if you have a goal, then all temptations go to the background. You must comply with the regime, have proper nutrition. You can’t just go out for a walk with friends, because you know that tomorrow you have a training session and you will have to do you best at this training.

What do you do in your free time?

– I’m very sociable person, it’s always important for me, I need to communicate with someone, especially with close people. I like to walk around Moscow, it helps to relax and recover before the work week.

Young people almost don’t watch TV now. And you?

– To be honest, I also rarely watch TV, because there is not much free time. More often I surf the net, there I learn the news.


Famous Canadian figure skater Shae-Lynn Bourne did you programs for the season. Why her?

– Shae-Lynn Burne has been doing programs for me for the second season in a row. The first time I saw her was at Denis Tens’ show in Kazakhstan, I really liked her, because she has a very interesting style of skating, an unusual approach to work. Since then I had a little dream to work with her. Last year, Shae-Lynn did me a short program and everyone liked it very much. Therefore, this year there was no question at all about chosing a choreographer.

What do you mean by “interesting style” of Bourne?

– She’s very light, playful on the ice. Her style is very suitable for me. We have an excellent teamwork, we’re on the same wavelength, so the process of preparing the program is positive and productive.

Can you tell more about the programs?

– Until the season has begun, we keep the program secret. So for now I can only say that we’re keeping the short program from last season.

Then such question: what music is most comfortable for you to perform?

– I love all directions in music, in my programs I always try to pick up something new, original. If you look at all my programs, it’s always different styles, so I’m interested in trying something new. In some artistic images it will be more difficult, it will be necessary to work more. But I will always try to find something interesting, not like everyone else has.


Season 2017 – 2018 is an Olympic. It is possible that it will be your first and last Games …

– Yes, indeed, the season is Olympic, but I try not to run ahead. While I live today and try not to be distracted by such thoughts, but completely immerse myself in the work.

There will be a battle for the place in the Olympic team. Are you ready for it?

– The competition is very strong in Russia, and only three spots. Therefore, everyone is preparing, everyone is serious, including me.

How do you prepare for performances psychologically?

– To be honest, in this way I do not prepare at all. I just go and do my job. Sometimes I can listen to music before the competitions, but in this respect I don’t depend on it much, so I always warm up in different ways.

Can something upset you on the ice?

– It happens that in training not everything work out, everything is never perfect. Like everyone else, I get frustrated if something does not work out. Honestly, at the moment we decided not to discuss our work with the press. I will only say that the work is productive.


Where do you like to perform most of all?

– In Japan. There’s always some crazy atmosphere, the Japanese are such a fans. There spectators support not only their athletes, but also participants from other countries, and this is worth a lot. And of course I like to perform in Russia, because everything is native, it’s easier for me to perform in Russia.

How do you cope with the constant change of countries, language, mentality? Have you learned how to adapt quickly?

– At the competitions everyone communicates in English, Fortunately, I do not have any difficulties with this. I can always join the conversation and understand everything, so I have no problems with communication at competitions.

What helps best to take your mind off skating?

– The mental load helps me a lot. I can read a book or solve some logical task, to get distracted. Well, of course, communication with friends – it helps greatly.

Questionnaire “favorite”

Movie: “How to steal a million” with Audrey Hepburn, “The Taming of the Scoundrel”

Book: Scarlet Sails

Actor: Orlando Bloom, Ornella Muti

Musician / band: Ciara, Beyonce and generally likes RnB

School Subject: History

Dish: pasta, cheesecake

Car: Bentley

Country (except Russia): France

by Victoria Varitskaya for sovsport.ru


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  1. jimmbboe says:

    Thanks for the translation! :)

  2. David says:

    “Country (except Russia): France”

    Ahh, la France exerce toujours une attraction auprès des russes. Il faut dire qu’on entend, par moments, des chansons françaises pour le FS. Vive les relations franco-russes !

    Thx for the interview.

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