Sergei Voronov: program should be fitted like a suit

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More and more skaters choose Misha Ge as choreographer. Sergei Voronov told about his new programs and work with Misha.

This year, youworked on new programs with Misha Ge. Why did you choose him?

– This decision came to me spontaneously. Initially, two options were considered. But, unfortunately, didn’t turn out to work with Nikolai Morozov, who did my programs last year, due to his busyness, since he is a very demanded person. Then I began to think about an alternative option. I didn’t want to go abroad. Although in this sense I’m a free artist, I pay for the choreography work myself and take all the costs connected with it. After thinking a while, I decided to try to work with Misha Ge. Informed my coach Inna Germanovna (Goncharenko – ed.), she approved.

I’m grateful to Misha, in many respects he met me half-way and we were able to coordinate our schedules. We had 2-3 weeks to do both programs. At times it was hard, because we worked at night. It was interesting work, but since we flew from different countries (I from abroad, Misha too), acclimatization made itself felt, and the work required maximum concentration and attention. Perhaps this was the biggest difficulty. But I must pay tribute to Misha, that he completely devoted himself to work. As it seems to me, we made a good tandem.

Was it easy to work with Misha?

– When we first met, Misha said clearly: “Seryozha, I see your disadvantages and advantages. We must try to hide disadvantages and on the contrary emphasize advantages.” I liked his specifics. At once everything fell into place.

The music was found quite quickly. I chose it myself, because it is close to me. Short program – tango by Astor Piazzolla, the free program – the composition of the “Globe” on the theme of “Sarabande” I’ve noticed this music long time ago and thought if not now, then when?

The music is strong, it is clear that it suits you, and I liked what I saw in training.

– Yes, a couple of seasons ago I was told that such music suits me. And I knew that I will be able to skate to such music, that there would be a desire to skate to it, that it’s deep and interesting compositions. I understood what kind of music it is, what it is about, what I need to show in these programs.

The choice of music is certainly important. As well as work with choreographers. I was lucky enough to work with different people. And if something does not work out, then it’s not always the choreographer’s fault. Remember, we did a program with Jeffrey Battle. It turned out quite good. I just did not reach the level of Jeff. Sometimes it happens that way. It can happen with everyone.

It was easier for me with Misha because there is no language barrier, we have known each other since childhood, often met at competitions, he saw my programs, he knew my abilities. Therefore, the programs were made according to me. But any program should be fitted like a suit, so that it would fit well. So you need to skate it every day, when you notice that little blots come out, which need to be polished, polished, polished. It’s like cleaning the apartment. Take out all the trash, clean and make it habitable.

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