Elena Ilinykh teamed up with Anton Shibnev?

Posted on 2017-07-06 • 2 comments


Interesting photos appeared on internet. Elena Ilinykh and Anton Shibnev in Sochi.

Elean Ilinykh

Well, well, well. So Elena found a partner? That interesting) Last season Anton skated with Vasilisa Davankova – wife of Nikolai Morozov. Feel the irony? Oh, that’s what I love about Russian ice dance. Drama drama drama. So it turns out either Davankova decided to quit or Elena “stole” her partner?)

They’re in Sochi. What can it mean? There is not much options. They’re probably working with Averbukh on new programs. Because it’s quite unlikely that they’re working with Urmanov there or just on vacations )

By the way, Elena seems to be in good shape. Good for her, but honestly I don’t have much optimism about this partnership.


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2 Responses to “Elena Ilinykh teamed up with Anton Shibnev?”

  1. Iceskatee says:

    Probably because he is wanted in the US for breaking a law…..

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