State of Russian ice dance drama [23.06.2017]

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As you remember, Russian ice dance is never boring. It’s Friday and it’s time to look what happened there)

I’m sure, no matter that now he represents, Spain for many fans they will always be a Russian pair.

Newlyweds Ksenia Monko and Kirill Khaliavin

Ksenia Monko Kirill Khaliavin

Ekaterina Bobrova posted this photo on Instagram and wrote that fruits are very useful when you’re preparing for the season and trying to get in shape. And asks to share some methods of losing weight….

How to say it in a polite way that professional athlete should always be in shape?)

Ekaterina Bobrova

Meanwhile Dima visited a healer to have a session of energy-therapy.  Yeah, everything is fair in love, war and ice dance. For sure energy-therapy will save Russian ice dance)

Dmitri Soloviev

Alexandra and Ivan continue to post black and white photos in some strange poses

Alexandra Stepanova Ivan Bukin

Alexandra Stepanova Ivan Bukin

Stepanova Bukin and Shpilevaya Smirnov on the ice

Have you noticed? Grisha has a highlighting now) Specially for latina season?)

Yeah, we know who is diva in this pair.

Gregori Smirnov

Betina Popova and Sergei Mozgov in the choreo-class.

Betina Popova Sergei Mozgov

Ah and Sergei cooks well)

Sergei Mozgov

And surprise-surprise! Annabelle Morozov – Andrei Bagin and their temporary coach (or second coach?) Elena Ilinykh.

Elena Ilinykh

Rumour also has it that Elena will work with new pair Lozko/Pitkeev.

Previous episode: [16.06.2017]


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14 Responses to “State of Russian ice dance drama [23.06.2017]”

  1. Crabe93 says:

    Thanks for this weekly adventure in ice dance drama !!
    I know Annabelle Morozov has been skating for France in single, do you know which country will she skate for in ice dance?

  2. skating fan says:

    I’ve never heard about Alisa Lozko, but after reading your post I decided to look at her videos from Russian Nationals 2017 and honestly I hope she won’t switch to ice dance, her FS is very interesting and the music is a good choice for a young girl. Her jumps are maybe a little bit shaky, but I think that it could be fixed, she needs just more confidence, besides her spins are amazing, they are really standing out and are attributes by which she could by recognized by audience. I don’t mean that she can’t achieve anything in ice dance, but I think that she will need time, besides her partner is also not trained in ice dance, so they will need time to adjust to cooperate, their skating styles and to do lifts. But I wish her good luck!

    • FS Gossips says:

      That’s what I hate the most about Russian conveyor in women’s skating. Yes, it brings medals, but how many talanted and interesting girls they loose? How many of them finish their career even haven’t competed at the senior level.

      As for Alisa, she’s only 15 and probably could have some chance in ice dance. But with a more experienced partner and a coach who can teach good basic skills for ice dance.

      • skating fan says:

        You’re right, she could have some chance in ice dance, but in any other country she would be very appreciated as a single skater and wouldn’t feel compelled to switch discipline. I don’t think that it’s bad to switch but I suppose that it is completely different and she will need time to adjust. And as a single skater she has a really solid base.

        • Mad for Skating says:

          Her spins remind me of Julia Lipnitskaia. I really wish we got to see her skate more in singles; seriously, we Americans could use a talent like that on our side!

  3. OlgaLV says:

    It’s very unusual to see Elena as a coach.Has there been an official information about her retirement as an athlete?
    Lozko/Pitkeev- it will be very interesting to see them skating in ice dance!

  4. Noob says:

    They seem to have stolen ideas from photoshoots with Krysanova and Tsvirko

  5. Mad for Skating says:

    Can I just say that if Alexandra and Ivan keep doing those black-and-white photo shoots, I’m going to ask them to try some sort of stylish contemporary programs?

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