Plushenko about Sotnikova: we will decide about our plans in the next two weeks

Posted on 2017-06-08 • 8 comments


Evgeni Plushenko about Adelina Sotnikova’s injury:

Adelina had an injury, a small fracture, she just resumed training. We have not yet informed the FFKR about the plans for the season, we will decide  in the next two weeks. It is necessary to understand whether Adeline will have pain during the elements.

I hope Adelina will recover soon. I hope too see her at least in shows. But recently she has published quite depressing post in Instagram:

These thoughts in my head … these feelings … no matter how much time has passed … everything will be all right, everything will be restored, I should be patient! These injuries, this professional sport … every second one has something with health … but faith in a person, faith in yourself, just do you business, not listening to anyone!

Adelina, get well soon!


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8 Responses to “Plushenko about Sotnikova: we will decide about our plans in the next two weeks”

  1. Legendary says:

    Please rest and get well Sotnikova <3 miss watching your spectacular performance

  2. Tac says:

    She’s injured AGAIN?!?!?? Again??!! Since she won the olympics. How is this continually happening?
    I’d really love to see her compete again. I doubt it’ll happen

    • skating fan says:

      I suspect that maybe the real problem is not an injury, but maybe she is afraid of performing after all the hate that she received after the Olympics?

      • lala says:

        No.She skated many times on shows and she was very wellcomed there.Not everyone is Korean. In Florence ice show she was on the skater list but after her injury her name was deleted and Tukhtamysheva skated instead of her. I believe she is really unlucky….

        • FS Gossips says:

          There’s always a risk of injuries after a break, because the body isn’t ready yet to previous loads. I think Adelina really wants to skate, but she also likes the life she has now. And it’s also great because for so many athletes it’s hard to find their place in life after sport.

          • Carina says:

            Could you elaborate on the “life she has now” part? I recently followed her on instagram and it seems all her posts and stories are magazine/fashion shoots and attending parties. Is this what you were referring to?

            • FS Gossips says:

              Yes, exactly. She attends a lot of glam events, like premiers, awards, presentations with lots of famous people. She participates in TV projects, some photoshoots, ice shows. She opened her own nail salon. So on the one hand I feel sorry that we probably will never see how great she could be as an athlete. But on the other hand, I’m happy that she has pretty bright life that she enjoys.

              • Mad for Skating says:

                I agree. It’s not likely that she will come back and have the same success as Medvedeva, but she seems to be happy, and she still skates well in shows. So I’m not going to criticize.

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