Alexander Smirnov and Yuko Kavaguti: we’re realistic about our chances

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Alexander Smirnov about possibility for him and Yuko Kavaguti to compete next season :

Yuko and I are training, maintaining the shape and preparing for performances in the projects of our friends Igor Bobrin and Natasha Bestemyanova.

Alexander told that they are not sure about participation in test skates in September:

We do not know yet, we’re thinking. Generally, we are thinking, we’re realistic about our chances and capabilities.

Last season we were physically well prepared, but in the moral sense it turned out that we weren’t able to withstand. There are fears, we do not want to make things worse. Our competitors are very strong.

If we continue to perform, then the Federation should assess the level of our preparation. The fact is that the Federation tries never to leave its athletes. If they have experienced skaters who are able to show the result, they will be in favour. We are in the reserve team, we have a rich experience, we can make the programs in a few days. – Alexander said

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