Ivan Righini will train with Svetlana Sokolovskaya in CSKA

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In May Ivan Righini announced that he will train in Moscow (CSKA) with Svetlana Sokolovskaya.

Comment from his new coach:

Ivan called me and asked to coach him. Of course, I was thinking for a while, but I can not say that it took long. I was “bought” by the fact that this is a good sparring for Sasha (Samarin -ed.). I was very upset that it’s not clear yet whether Adian (Pitkeev – ed.) will skate, and Sasha of course needed sparring. Especially such dancing and emotional as Vanya, because Sasha lacks it yet. So I decided that together it will be more fun for them.

Sokolovskaya emphasized that the main goal for Righini is to qualify for the Olympics:

Of course, his goal and task is to qualify for the Olympics. He is an adult boy, and I have known him since childhood, when I worked in Sokolniki, I know him and his career very well. He’s not new for me as a person. As an athlete – yes. so it’s a little easier with him in this matter.

About his health:

This was my first question: “What happened with you and why you were absent this season? What are the nuances in general?” During those two weeks that we are working, I haven’t seen some problems and injuries. All is healed. I hope everything will be fine. – Sokolovskaya said.

Daniil Gleichengauz and Peter Tchernyshev will do programs for Ivan:

Peter agreed, he should come and did a free program for Ivan, Daniil did a short one, and then, when we arrived with Nikita Mikhailov, we added our nuances. Turned out joint creativity in the short program by Gleichengauz-Mikhailov-Sokolovskaya.

by Elena Diyachkova for rsport.ru


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