Sergei Voronov: I don’t look neither at Kovtun nor at Kolyada

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I’m still under the impression what Eteri Tutberidze said about her students, current and the one who have already left her group. Talking about Sergei Voronov she was tough….Clear there were no understanding between skater and coach. Hope things are much better for Sergei in Inna Goncharenko’s group.

Sergei Voronov about his preparation for the next season:

I do not look neither at Kovtun nor at Kolyada, I have to do my own job. And let the guys do theirs. Than we’ll see. I have a goal and the main thing is that I know it and those people who work with me also know it.

About his plans for technical complication:

You’ll see in time. Why to promise anything? Half of our country promises something and as a result nothing turns out. I think you should talk about something after you did it at competitions.

I hope to have the Grand Prix, because in the world ranking I’m on adequate position. Yes, I did not compete in the European and World championships last season, but I did well at the Grand Prix.

And about new programs:

Soon I will put the programs with my good friend, whom I have known for a long time and whom I trust. But I will name him when we finish programs. I have no changes, I work with Inna Germanovna (Goncharenko) and have a good mindset for the season.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov


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One response to “Sergei Voronov: I don’t look neither at Kovtun nor at Kolyada”

  1. Themainfan says:

    He was doing so well until his collapse at nationals! So unfortunate!

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