Eteri Tutberidze: It’s more difficult with boys. They want to be pitied.

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Some recent comment from Eteri Tutberidze. About men’s skating and her daughter.

About working with male skaters:

I understand girls more, for me they are more ready for work. The task is explained – the task is completed. It’s more difficult with boys. They want to feel that they are loved. They want to be pitied. For this they start to kill themself on single and double jumps demonstratively. But I’m not one for pity.

About her daughter Diana Davis who last year switched to ice dance and decided to represent Georgia:

I sent her to ice dance, but the rules of this discipline, it’s unfamiliar for me. I asked Alexander Zhulin to look at my daughter, he answered, “It’s like borrowing money from a friend….”

The coach who will take my daughter will have responsibility, I also will watch her closely. Suggest. I haven’t found a “victim” yet. Tatiana Tarasova? Our ice rink is far from her house and she doesn’t have her own ice.


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