Elena Radionova will train under the guidance of Elena Buyanova

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Elena Radionova changed a coach and will train with Elena Buyanova.

Taking into account that Elena have been working with Inna Goncharenko since childhood it’s quite unexpected. I tried to sum up the information about this change.

First came the announcement of skating federation:

Figure skater Elena Radionova,  World and European Championships medalist will train under the guidance of coach Elena Buyanova in CSKA.

The athlete wrote an official statement to the Federation of figure skating of Russia  about the transition to a new coach, having previously settled all the issues with the former coach Inna Goncharenko and the new Elena Buyanova.


A comment from Elena Buyanova:

After coming from the World Team Trophy, Lena asked me to take her to my group.

May 1st Lena goes tp Canada to do a free program with She-Lynn Bourne. The work on the program will continue in North America until May 7.


So what was the reason for such change? Version No.1  nice and approved: Inna Goncharenko due to her health problems can’t give Elena as much attention as she needs in Olympic season. And suggested Elena changing a coach. But there can be others. Some people talk about not good relationships between Radionova and Goncharenko in the past season. Maybe Lena felt lack of attention because of Kovtun, or maybe she decided that from inner politics point of view Buyanova is her best chance to get a spot in national Olympics’ team.

What else is curious for me, does Buyanova’s consent to coach Radionova means that she thinks that her chances to go to Olympics with Maria Sotskova is not solid?

The news that I happy to hear is that Elena will continue to work with Shae-Lynn Bourne. I really liked her SP this season!


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8 Responses to “Elena Radionova will train under the guidance of Elena Buyanova”

  1. Christine says:

    I read in the VK post it’s due to Gonchrenco’s illness. People recommended her to change her coach for years but she wanted to stay with her old coach.

  2. funshine says:

    Aww, I will miss seeing her and Inna Goncharenko together, as they seemed to have a really close relationship. But I wish Lena all the best. This change tells me she really wants to make the Olympic team, so go Lena fighting!

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