Ilia Averbukh: Medvedeva doesn’t need a quad.

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Recently were published videos where girls from Eteri Tutberidze’s group do quad jumps:

Anna Scherbakova (13 years old)

Alexandra Trusova (12 years old)

So, we’ll we see more amd more attempts of quads from young girls? Is it a warning call for other junior girls who  that soon quad will be a “must have” to be competitive? Should they also try?

Ilia Averbukh thinks that Medvedeva doesn’t need a quad:

You can look at young girls only in present. It’s the most thankless thing to make any predictions about them. There are millions of such examples. Zhenya Medvedeva does not need to learn a quadruple. She skates now, when there are no quadruple jumps in women’s figure skating, and Zhenya for sure will not be preparing it. Maybe 10 years later some girl will start jumping it in competitions. We definitely don’t need such a rush.

Zhenya needs to improve in skating skills, add more freedom, more combinations, if the rules will allow. There is no limit to perfection. But no one will prepare quads. – Averbukh said.

by Veronika Stolbunova


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