Are you ready for latina?

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How many times this season I’ve heard “I don’t like this short dance!”, “Why did they choose hip-hop?” and so on and so on. Oh my sweet summer childs, enjoy your last time watching bluse/swing/hip-hop because next season something really scary waits for us. LATINA!

Don’t believe me? See for yourselves.

First of all costumes:

Animal-print aka must have of the season

Hubbell Donohue

Weaver Poje

Let’s make bets, ladies and gentlemen, who will be a victim of an animal print next season. You think no one? I would’t be so naive ) The tiger-leopard did not pass by even the great ones. Scott, what was that?

Virtue and Moir

Strange costume decisions

Yeah it was latina. Isn’t it obvious?)


Fabian Bourzat and his plushy pants and grass stains

Pechalat Bourzat

Prize Golden-bra of the season

Isabella Tobias

Neon colors that look good only on children

Sara Hurtado – guru of hair accessories)

Sara Hurtado

Fabulous costumes of Chinese dancers) Simply beyond the competition. Seen once, never will be forgotten.

latina china

And against this incredible background Russian team….dressed for the funerals.

team Russia latina

Oh, wait) There was one Russian team who almost beat Chinese dancers in costume competition. Gorshkova-Butikov, coached by E.Tchaikovskaya…..So, if I were Sinitsina/Katsalapov I’d start worry.

Gorshkova Butikov

Don’t relax! Dances were no less fabulous) Here’re some unforgettable moves.

Oh Torino……

Season 2011-2012

My favorite Soloviev’s move)

Keep calm and love ice dance.



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One response to “Are you ready for latina?”

  1. susan says:

    Wake me up when 2018 is over. I can’t stand the Latin dances. The costumes are usually hideous and the dances look nothing like the ballroom dances they are trying to emulate. Unforunately the Latin hip=centric style just does not translate well on the ice.

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