Elena Radionova: I’m ready for the battle.

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We haven’t heard anything from Elena Radionova for a while, so here’s a small interview with Elena. About mindset for the next season, studying at university and boys.

Lena, fifth place at Russian Nationals closed the way to European and World Championships for you. Because of this failure you probably went at the Universiade in Almaty with a heavy heart?

– It’s not in my nature to give up. Whatever happens, happens for the best. What happened at the National Championships only mobilized me. I was going at the Universiade with one thought “I will be the champion!” I set a clear goal: to skate clean and I succeeded. Now I am preparing for the next season with thoughts about the Olympics in Pyeongchang. I’m ready for the battle.

At the Universiade you were representing the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism …

– Yes, I’m a freshman. I study in Moscow. Here everything is not like at school, everything is much more serious. My classmates already firmly know what they want in life. I’m studying at the coaching department, it’s really interesting for me.

Today there is a boom in women’s singles skating in Russia. Competition at the Russian Nationals is incredibly tough. People even joke that our inner competitions are stronger than World Championships.

– We are also surprised! It’s difficult to say clearly, why is this happening. Some time ago, Adelina Sotnikova started to perform brightly. Liza Tuktamysheva also skated well. It seems to me that figure skaters who were on the way, I and other girls, we tried to reach Adelina and Liza. This has led to the severe competition.

How do you relax after trainings?

– Now there are only studying and trainings on my mind (laughs). But I like walking in the center of Moscow. I go out there with pleasure when I have a free day.

Turns out you don’t have time for a personal life?

– Why? You just have to appreciate time, then, I assure you, you will have enough time for everything. After all, an athlete from childhood accustomed to plan his day, do everything according to the schedule. So, fortunately remains time to communicate with family and friends.

You are reasonable beyond your years. Probably, such clever and beautiful girl have a lot of gallants?

– Many try to court me, but I haven’t chosen someone yet, so my heart is free.

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