Instagram review: best photos of the week [19.02-26.02.2017]

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Hope you didn’t forget it’s Sunday and it’s time to check Instagram!

Lots of photos from vacations and of course I couldn’t pass by photos from the banquet)

But traditionally Part 1 is “Photos on the ice”

Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”

Nicolle Della Monica Matteo Guarise

Elladj Balde. A shot for magazine cover!

Ellaije Balde

Diva Anna Pogorilaya

Anna Pogorilaya

Yeah, Gabrielle Daleman, it’s nothing wrong with being confident

Gabrielle Daleman

Beautifyl Kaetlyn Osmond

Kaetlyn Osmond

Purple is another trend of the season)

Shoma Uno. Yuzuru HAnyu

Part 2 “Incredibly beautiful and irresistible hot”

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

Tessa Virtue Scott Moir

Nathalie Pechalat is looking so great!

Nathalie Péchalat

Sunny Tiffany Zahorski

Tiffany Zahorski

Piper Gilles and a calorie bomb

Piper Gilles

Alex Shibutani

Alex Shibutani

Beauties on vacations. This week Madison Chock and Evan Bates beat Shibutanies at least on Instagram)

Evan Bates

Madison Chock

Madison Chock

Madison Chock Evan Bates

Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres

Morgan Cipres

Vanessa James

Madison Hubbell

Madison Hubbell

New star of my Instagram reviews – Emmi Peltonen

Emmi Peltonen

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin

Alexandra Stepanova Ivan Bukin

Part 3 “The Banquet”

Canadian girls: Gabrielle Daleman, Kaetlyn Osmond and Alaine Chartrand

Gabrielle Daleman, Kaetlyn Osmond, Alaine Chartrand

Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier

Piper Gilles Paul Poirier

Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue

Madison Hubbell Zachary Donohue

Madison Chock and Evan Bates

MAdison Chock Evan Bates

Zijun Li and Jason Brown

Zijun Li JAson Brown

Thanks to our correspondent Da Bin Choi we got lots of photos from the banquet)

with Boyang Jin

Da Bin Choi Boyang Jin

with Nathan Chen

Da Bin Choi Nathan Chen

with Maia and Alex

Da Bin Choi, Shibutani

with Tessa and Scott

Tessa Virtue Scott Moir

Misha Ge and Yuzuru Hanyu

Misha Ge, Yuzuru Hanyu

Part 4 “Four-legged friends”

Olivia Smart and cute dogs

Olivia Smart

Alexa Scimeca, Chris Knierim and four-legged members of their family

Alex Scimeca Chris Knierom

Part 5 “Some cool stuff”

Be Diva even at a petrol station!

Johnny Weir

Remember that TAT is watching you

Ekaterina Bobrova Dmitri Soloviev

Give me a high-five and see you next week!


best photos of previous week [12.02-19.02.2017]


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4 Responses to “Instagram review: best photos of the week [19.02-26.02.2017]”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    Love the photos of Gabby, Kaetlyn, Piper and Alaine!

  2. Mad for Skating says:

    Since when did Anna Pogorilaya grow up? All these Russian girls…
    Ooh, sassy Gabby! Looking fierce!
    Kaetlyn in ash rose trend, huh?
    Whoa there is a LOT of lavender!
    Aww Tessa and Scott…you look like a married couple saying “welcome to our home”
    Um okay how many of us want to be Madison Chock?
    Oh and are Vanessa and Morgan on vacation together or separately?
    Madison Hubbell on the beach looks like the poster for some romantic movie.
    Alexandra and Ivan are doing another hot photoshoot? That’ll give them a PCS boost for sure!
    Oh all these banquet pictures are much appreciated…I want Madison Chock’s and Zijun Li’s dresses…and Zijun’s man haha.
    Also I notice Zijun and Da Bin are practically wearing the same dress! Ha, blue will probably be the new trend for skating dresses next year.
    That shot of the Shibs jumping against the sky is REALLY cool.

    • FS Gossips says:

      “Whoa there is a LOT of lavender!”
      Oh, gosh! I really want to burn all these lavender costumes….and not only these

      “Oh and are Vanessa and Morgan on vacation together or separately?”
      I don’t think it’s a vacation, they train in Florida, so I guess it’s their weekends)

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