Ekaterina Bobrova: I don’t have any special daily routine or diet

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Translation of the small interview with Ekaterina Bobrova.

Ekaterina, tell us how everything started.

– I always wanted to do what my sister does (she is older than me on five years). So when my mother brought her to figure skating class, I also asked for it. I started to skate when I was four years old. When my sister was 10, she switched to the acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll and became a world champion. Then my sister left sport, now she works in the PR-agency. And I really enjoyed skating. At first I did single skating and in 10 years switched to ice dancing. At the same time we teamed up with Dmitri. He was 11 then.

For so many years of training didn’t you have a desire to give up sport?

– Of course the feeling of psychological fatigue happened many times. For example, as a child, when peers played in the yard, went to school, prepared for graduation … And we lacked all this. But parents supported me, they are also athletes: my mother was engaged in athletics and my father in skiing. They are people with a fighting character and we were brought up the same. My mother sacrificed her career, she was taking us to trainings. Also, I knew that through sport I have visited many countries, have been earning the normal (for my age) money. I was giving them to my mother.

There were difficult moments, connected with injuries. For example, when Dima had surgery on meniscus. The rehabilitation should have taken from five to seven months, but the it did not go very well. We missed the entire 2014-2015 season.

Then, in 2015, it was the story with meldonium. I was disqualified for two years. Then I realized that I probably won’t skate anymore. But then the disqualification was canceled, just in a couple of months. Despite this it has been already very difficult to return. Dima and I missed the World Championships, that lowered us in points in the world standings and we had to gain them back. Now I hope that we will perform at the Olympics in 2018.

How much do you train?

– We have ice trainings twice a day for 1 hour 45 minutes, five or six days a week. Also we have choreography, acrobatics classes and physical trainings.

Do you have a hobbies?

– I love to ski.

Do you have a daily routine and diet?

– I don’t have any special daily routine. Although, of course, I will not go to bed at 4 am, if I have practice at 10 am.

I had diets only during puberty, when I started to gain weight a little bit. But my mother were helping me a lot. She always made sure that there is something useful on my plate, but what I like: boiled chicken, vegetables, fruits …. The main thing is not to starve. It is better to eat often but by a little bit.

How to cope with nerves before going on the ice?

– My partner holds my hand. He always knows what to say to me. Our coaches also stand behind the board, it also helps.

What are you planning to do after the Olympics in 2018?

– After the Olympics, I want to devote time to my family. I have a beloved husband, I really want to have children. In the future, maybe I will do shows or teach children skating. I graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture, have a specialisation of the winter sports’ coach. When I thought that I would leave the sport, I started to study at the Moscow Business School, but when I decided to come back, I took a break there. Maybe I’ll continue my education.

by Aliona Kalabuhova uv-kurier.ru


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