Iliushechkina and Moscovitch: goosebumps because of the progress we made

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Lubov Iliushechkina and Dylan Moscovitch commented on their first medal at Four Continents Championships 2017.

It’s such a pleasure for me to win a medal for the country, which I love the most. Before I competed at European Championships and was the fifth. This is my third Four Continents Championships and first medal there. I have a goosebumps because of the work we have done, the progress we have made as a team and reached this moment. – Luba said.

In general we are happy with how these competitions have gone. During the season We were improving with each competition, moving in the right direction to the World championships. We still have to a lot of work after getting back home, to polish everything, to be even stronger at Worlds. – Dylan added.

by Veronika Gabadieva

Luba also was asked who among Russians impressed her the most:

In the performances of many athletes there are moments which are memorable. I can point out Ksenia Stolbova, her character and vim. Periodically I watch her performances, I’m impressed with features of her character. Many do interesting elements, it is beautiful, but we do not copy anyone. So I wouldn’t point out someone specifically.

Also about her mental preparation for the Olympic season:

The more I skate, the more I realize that nerves it’s a waste of energy. I try my best to avoid it, because it destroys. I try to work more and more on the psychological preparation to avoid anxiety. Specialists help me with it. – Luba said.

by Veronika Gabadieva


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3 Responses to “Iliushechkina and Moscovitch: goosebumps because of the progress we made”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    They gave ME goosebumps! They were amazing this time around. Hope they can keep it up. They have such stunning elements and really could remain Canada’s number 2 team if they hang on. Eager to see what they will bring to Worlds – definitely a pair to watch.
    And she admires Ksenia…oh, Luba, don’t we all.

    • FS Gossips says:

      They can be Canadian No.2 pair, but the question is not even in Luba’s jumps. Next season is Olympics, and Luba doesn’t have Canadian citizenship yet. That’s make no sense for Canadian figure skating federation to promote them as their No.2 team ahead of for example Seguine Belodeau.

      • Mad for Skating says:

        Oh I see. Dang, that sucks for them. They need citizenship to go to the Olympics.
        Seguin and Bilodeau are great too though, so I’m not worried for the state of Canadian pairs.

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