Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje: costume review 2016-2017 season

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Watching Four Continents Championships I suddenly realized that I haven’t discussed Kaitlyn Weaver / Andrew Poje’s costumes yet. However both sets of costumes (for the short and free dances) are really great. For sure one of the top contenders for the pedestal of my annual fashion contest.

Weaver Poje

I absolutely loved Kaitlyn’s outfit for the short dance! It’s stylish, chic, sexy and pretty unusual. But still very elegant and classic. Looking at her costume Yves Saint Laurent‘s woman’s tuxedos immediately come to my mind:

Not only a business style, but also a glamorous outfit for some kinds of “Red carpets”:

Kaitlyn looks damn good. I like that Andrew’s costume is not overdone and made not in “Michael Jackson’s” style. He’s such a handsome guy, so we don’t want to be distracted)

There are only three little things that I don’t like about this costumes: the gloves (I understand they’re in style of the program, but I don’t find them a chic accessory), Keitlyn’s massive earring and aggressive her makeup.

Weaver Poje

First costumes for the FD were nice, especially I loved how Andrew looks all in black) Hot, damn hot! But Kaitlyn’s dress looked a bit old-fashioned and I think it also influenced my perception of the dance. We have seen a lot of dresses of similar design and I always expect something more unique from the top-teams. Some more individuality. That’s why I’m really enthusiastic about costume change.

Weaver Poje

When it comes to luxurious and royal look no one can compete with Kaitlyn and Adnrey. They definitely know how t sell it, that’s their string side and no need to hide it! I think their free dance only benefited from this change, got more brightness, power and “expensive” look. When you take such a warhorse music don’t play safe with your costume)

As for Andrew, I prefer how he looks in black shirt. However, it wouldn’t be a good choice to match with her dress. But I wish his white shirt hasn’t been so wide.

Her dress is gorgeous. Scarlet + gold is a classic winning combination in figure skating. You just need to know how to wear and present it, believe me Kaitlyn knows)

The decoration on the bodice is very beautiful and sophisticated but I had a strong feeling that I’ve already seen something like that, the pattern seemed familiar…..Well, see for your self:

Virtue Moir




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One response to “Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje: costume review 2016-2017 season”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    If I was as fabulous as Kaitlyn, I would totally wear the SD outfit. She looks like a runway model. And Andrew would look good in absolutely anything.
    Andrew in all black is a dream. I like the dark purple of Kaitlyn’s dress but I think it belongs on a brunette. (Think Mirai Nagasu and her short program dress). And the style is a little too much like what we’ve seen on the other girls for me.
    So when Kaitlyn got that new dress, I screamed because it’s so beautiful. I want that dress in my own closet. I would literally wear it on my wedding day. She looks like an empress and I frankly don’t care what he’s wearing because she looks good enough for the both of them.

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