Anna Pogorilaya: We will try to keep skating not childish but women’s

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Anna Pogorilaya’s comment after the short program at European Championships 2017.

video from 1tvdance channel

Lately appeared a lot of little girls, who are jumping and components have become dependent on the clean skating. When you skate clean you get good components. We will try to keep skating not childish but women’s. Women’s skating for me is one of the most important. Even as a child I always admired women’s skating.

Lately in figure skating less and less attention is paid to the components, the jumping part became bigger. It’s clear. Therefore, little girls for whom it’s still easily to jump, who just have learnt triples, started to jump without a break. But there are very few athletes who  have been performing long time, so I really appreciate that Carolina returned. There are few of such athletes, who have been on the high level for so long.

For me it’s not critical to beat Kostner. Maybe there’s a difference between us in elements, but she’s an absolute champion in skating. I can take something good from any athlete, but I can’t just copy. – Pogorilaya said.

Anna Pogorilaya

Today my little dream come true – to get such a big bear! Although I do not know what to do with it. I even have no idea how I will carry it to hotel. Probably I’ll have to buy an extra ticket on the plane for it! But I’m genuinely happy.- Anna added.

by Elena Diyachkova and Oleg Koleshev

photo from Anna Pogorilaya’s Instagram annapogorilaya

Well, I do agree with Anna about rejuvenation of figure skating. But still it was surprising to hear Anna Pogorilaya, who’s not even 20 years old, complaining about jumping little girls and their PCS.


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4 Responses to “Anna Pogorilaya: We will try to keep skating not childish but women’s”

  1. Joan says:

    Thank you for your translation! She is one of my favorite skaters.

  2. Joan says:

    I believe it’s due to the recent national championship result. I heard even Tarasova was puzzled why she was placed only fourth.

  3. Judith says:

    Maybe she was referring to a certain young skater who is an unbeatable Ladies champion but plays hopscotch and jumps rope in her SP? I agree with Anna.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Maybe the one who placed second at the Russian Nationals. The thing is, there are more girls to come and Anna probably feels that her place in Olympic team may not be guaranteed.

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