Evgenia Medvedeva: I’m no longer a child

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Short interview with Evgenia Medvedeva.

Zhenya, probably with such set of titles and records it’s easier for you to go on the ice?

– The record probably in some ways gives confidence. As I went up a notch. But it doesn’t mean a lot. It’s nice to have it, but the main thing is my clean skating. Excitement still persists before any competition regardless of its status. Adrenaline has not been canceled. Every event is a new story. Forget what was before, go on the ice, take a breath and go forward.

How to deal with nerves?

– I just close from everything external, do not think about anything except skating.

Who among Russian skaters is your main competitor now?

– I can’t specifically point out someone among competitors. All our Russian girls are real fighters. It’s difficult and challenging to compete with each. Therefore, the level of the Russian Championships today is no way below the international Grand Prix Final. I regard it very well. It makes everyone move forward.

Don’t you swear, don’t figure out the relationship between you?

– There is no animosity between the girls. We also communicate off the ice all the time.

Do you have a desire to come up with something special, something “yours” in figure skating? To say, “Medvedeva was the first who did this element”?

– I do not know. Nothing like that did not come to mind. Moreover, it seems to me that in figure skating everything has been already invented. Perhaps, in this sense, it is impossible to improve it somehow.

How to captivate a child in sports?

– This secret is only my mother knows. Better ask her.

Zhenya’s mother is present during conversation and responds, “There are no secrets. You need to talk with your child, to persuade, to motivate.”

Zhenya, and whose compliment after performance is the most valuable for you?

– Mom, do not look at me like that. (Zhenya looks at her mother and laughs.) Honestly, a compliment from my coach.

It is known that in the past your coach had a special trick called “Zhenya in batter”. When you often fall, she said: “Do you want to wallow than wallow” and began to pull you over the ice.

– It was long ago and not true.

So did it happen or not?

–  Once. Long ago, when I was small. Then I got very angry and did everything that wanted from me. Now, of course, such methods do not work anymore. It’s enough just to talk to me like with an adult, and I’ll do everything myself.

Earlier you said about yourself “I am still a child”.

– On the ice, I no longer feel like a child. What a child am I, if I’m doing seniors for the second season!

And as an adult, you certainly do not believe in Santa Claus?

– Slightly I believe (laughs). Once under the Christmas tree appear gifts, it means that someone puts them there. You can not completely exclude the possibility that this is the work of Santa Claus. It’s magic.

What kind of gifts are you waiting for this New Year?

–  I want a surprise. Something unusual that might surprise. But the rest by itself it’s a gift. In the New Year’s days I will have an opportunity to catch a breath and get some sleep. Finally, I can spend time with friends, meet with family,  to go somewhere for a walk, to escape from it all.

New Year’s wish from you …

– Peace for everyone. I wish peace to all the people of the world. A life without war for everyone, everywhere and ever.



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One response to “Evgenia Medvedeva: I’m no longer a child”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    She really is amazing.

    Ugh, when Eteri described “Zhenya in batter” that was the first time I thought she needed her coaching license revoked.

    She is so sweet about wishing for peace :) Hope her wish comes true.

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