Artur Gachinski: I started from scratch

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In 17 he became second at the World Championships, soon he became second at the European Championships. It seemed, Artur Gachinski will become one of the greats skaters, but destiny decided otherwise. After the change of coach, an unsuccessful attempt to start from scratch in Moscow under the direction of Tatiana Tarasova, a series of injuries and disappointments Artur returned to Mishin’s group, but as a young coach.

– I decided to come back because here is my mother, home, family.

How Alexei Nikolaevich reacted?

– I came to St. Petersburg and just in a couple of days in my mother’s apartment rang a telephone, Mishin called. She called me back: “Alexei Nikolaevich asks you to call him. He does not have your new number.” I called. Alexei Nikolaevich offered to work as his assistant. We met and talked and the very next day I went to work.

How former teammates took you as a new coach?

– Ohhh … Honestly, at first everyone was shocked when saw me here. But accepted me very warmly. Without any negativity.

Do they listen to you?

– They have no choice (laughs). Now I’m on the status above them. Of course, I’m kidding. For me, working as a coach it’s not a power over skaters, but the responsibility for the people you coach. Being an athlete is a hard physical labor. When you become a coach, you invest emotionally and intellectually. You constantly think, build plans, your head is constantly busy.

Do you have ambitions to reach the top level as a coach?

– That’s why I started doing it. Previously, my ambitions had purely sporting nature and concerned only myself. Now I have other goals. I want to realize myself as a coach. I don’t care that I wasn’t able to win some medals. I have no eager to stand on the podium once again. I started from scratch. Now I want to pass this way as a coach.

What have you learned from Tatiana Tarasova?

– She gave me a hardened, character. She changed completely my approach to trainings. Rehabilitated, speaking so.

Whose coaching model will be your guidance? Tatiana Anatolevna’s or Alexei Nikolaevich’s?

– I’d like to combine them.

What will you never do with your athletes as a coach?

– For sure I will never leave my athlete. Between a coach and an athlete should be an absolute trust.

Friendship does not interfere in the work? Still, many of your students are almost your peers.

– All our great coaches, including Alexei Nikolaevich and Tatiana Anatolievna started their career in very young age. It all depends on the athlete. If he is ready to take the information that you give, everything will be okay. I learned in Moscow some things that are unknown here, and now give skaters something new. Here’s a concrete example. I am currently working with Alisa Lozko. She went to her first Junior Grand Prix, got the fourth level for the step sequence. So there’s already some result from my work. Let’s see what will happen next.

Have you finished your career because of injuries?

– Yes, they came one after another. After lying once again in the hospital, I realized that I do not want to skate anymore. Life is long. Health is more valuable. To be on top it was necessary at every single workout to get over myself. My health no longer allowed it.

How did your family react, Tatiana Anatolievna?

– When I gave them my arguments, they simply did not have the possibility to contradict me. When the training process takes two weeks and then your back falls off and the next time on the ice you actually start all over again, then, of course, you start to think how in such mode you can move forward?


– I have been already emotionally killed. Season was almost here. You work so that you lose consciousness. But than your back is out … You just can’t get out of bed and everything collapses like a house of cards …

You took part in a new ice show “Perfumer”. How did you get there?

– I called Peter Tchernyshev, find out the plan of performances. And we agreed that I would be there to participate. I wanted to try myself in something new, like acting. And then I had somewhere to earn. If there were other offers, I probably would have thought about participation. But to be honest, my back even now doesn’t let me to live normally, especially to skate. In the show, of course, you can go out and skate in half steam, but this is unacceptable for me. Plus rehearsals take a lot of time and efforts, sometimes trainings run at night.

Have you ever wanted to try yourself as choreographer?

– No, absolutely no desire.

Do you consider yourself only like a technician?

– I have been training with Alexei Mishin for 13 years, so I definitely don’t feel like a choreographer.

Now you look like a happy man.

– You’re right. I’m doing things I love, in my city, at my level, what else is needed?


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