Julia Lipnitskaya out of Russian Nationals

Posted on 2016-12-18 • 6 comments


Sad news have come just right before the Russian Nationals. Julia Lipnitskaya had to withdraw due to injury.

According to the official site of Russian figure skating federation today Julia slipped on the sidewalk and fell. As a result, she got injured.

Lipnitskaya was diagnosed with a bruised of right hip and post-traumatic arthritis of the sacroiliac joint. It is reported that the duration of treatment will be 14-17 days. Lipnitskaya’s treatment will take place in Moscow.

Alexei Urmanov’s comment:

Julia will have treatment. After recovery from injury we’ll decide whether or not to compete. Now it’s too early to talk about it.

This is life, there is nothing so surprising. Julia injured her not quite healthy back, with which she has problems. Misfortune never comes alone.


Tatiana Tarasova’s comment:

It is unfortunate that it happened, participation in the Russian Championships was very important for Julia. I’m sorry that Julia will have to be treated again, because she has already started to recover.

We wanted her to skate a free program because the short she has already skated.

Sorry for all the efforts, but such things happen. If Julia is a strong man, she has to overcome it all. We wish her a speedy recovery, she’s like our own child for us.



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6 Responses to “Julia Lipnitskaya out of Russian Nationals”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    It’s too bad she got hurt. Although in truth her chances at the podium were small to begin with :(

    • Mad for Skating says:

      I would like to see both Julia and Adelina in ice dance. Maybe it’s a crazy dream but sometimes I imagine it…

  2. jimmbboe says:

    *sigh* Have missed her so much this season! :(

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