Cup of China 2016: Check-in

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Not many photos this time, seems only Shibs know how to get access to Instagram and Twitter in China)

Alex Shibutani

Maia Shibutani

But don’t think that Shibs are spending their time just on taking photos) They’ve already tasted a local gym

Maia and Alex Shibutani

Luba and Dylan: flight to Beijing

Lubov Iliushechkina Dylan Moscowitch

Team Russia is on its way to China…….team Russia and Weaver Poje))

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Kaitlyn Wevaer, Andrew Poje

Maxim Kovtun and people who got on the photo)

Maxim Kovtun

Victoria Sinitsina with flowers from Chinese fans

Victoria Sinitsina

Elena Radionova with no makeup

Elena Radionova

Nikita Katsalapov

Nikita Katsalapov

Kaitlyn, Andrew and Mr. Morozov)

Kaitlyn Wevaer Andrew Poje

Kaitlyn WEaver, Andrew Poje

Have fun watching Cup of China!

Sergei Voronov, Maxim Kovtun, Nikita Katsalapov



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One response to “Cup of China 2016: Check-in”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    The Shibutanis…beautiful people.

    Wow, Elena doesn’t look bad without makeup! If only everyone could wake up looking naturally pretty!

    I am 99% sure that Kaitlyn and Andrew are dating. There goes that hopeless romantic in me!

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