“What was that?” or “Take it off immediately” | Ladies costumes

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This rubric is for skaters whose costumes were memorable, but not in a good way. Some ladies were too creative with their dresses or made a strange costume choice.

Eliska Brezinova (Czech Republic)

eliska brezinova

A copy is always worse than the original. But in this case the original is also not an example of taste and style.

Aleksandra Golovkina (Lithuania)

aleksandra golovkinaI’m dazzled by all this wealth and richness of design ideas on Aleksandra Golovkina’s dress.

Joshi Helgesson (Sweden)

joshi helgesson

The costume creativity of Joshi Helgesson scares me with enviable stability. The fabrics also look cheap.

Elena Radionova (Russia)

elena radionova

Someone always sews Elena Radionova some nonsense instead of beautiful costumes. What happened? She smeared with glue and fell into a barrel with rhinestone and pearls? I think they tried to do something like that:


The idea was beautiful but the execution as always disappoint. Elena Radionova such a wonderful girl she deserves nice dresses!

Kanako Murakami  (Japan)

kanako murakami

This season Japanese girls seem to be fans of retro. Kanako Murakami is stuck somewhere in the 90s.

Satoko Miyahara (Japan)

satoko miyahara

Satoko Miyahara must be stuck somewhere even earlier. During her skating I had a feeling that I’m watching the Olympics in Sapporo.

Julia Sauter (Romania)


And the undisputed leader of this rubric is Julia Sauter. I don’t know what should other ladies invent to beat it.


Not only girls were too creative with their costumes. There were a lot of strange designs among men and pairs. See my anti-ranking for men’s costumes and anti-ranking of pair’s costumes in season 2014-2015.


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  1. Кирсти says:

    So are you saying you like Aleksandra’s dress or not?

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