Skate Canada 2016 review

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Kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story. The story of how I won a Grand-prix in Canada……

You never break up a girl fight.


Joshi Helgesson still didn’t learn how to use her appearance. She doesn’t need dancing programs, she’s a Valkyrie! Hey, somebody, show her the Vikings.

Last year I was so happy that Mirai Nagasu is back! It was too soon to be happy( everything is again sad, melancholy and underrotated. You can’t skate to «The winner takes it all» like this! You either rock it or don’t take this music.

Lovely Korean figure skaters. In their nice dresses, with perfect skin tone (I know, envy is a bad feeling) and fashionable makeup were skating something nice … ..

Which enemy did programs for Rika Hongo? Which enemy sewed her costumes? Programs only highlighted lack of beautiful lines, in the free program she got lost. It’s better for her to skate to a bright music, which the audience can react to. A dress with an open back only focused attention on the problem with posture. Give me back a bright and charismatic Hongo!

In her Pina program Alaine Chartrand was sharman-sharman. She had a personality. This time she definitely was inspired by Diva Wagner. Being herself suits Alaine much more than cosplaying Ashley. I liked her free program to “Rome” OST, especially the bright step sequence, but I tried not to think, whom Alaine portrays in this program)

I don’t understand how people can cry over Tuktamysheva‘s low PCS. Let’s be honest, she just didn’t deserve higher marks. She was slow, the ice coverage was poor, not lots of transitions, the same Eastern arms for both programs. So, for what judges should have given her high PCS? For the title, flag and dress in the free program? Alas. Of course, her jumps are amazing. But that’s all for now. However, I believe in Liza and hope for the best.

Before Satoko‘s performance the tech panel took some vitamins for vision. I just have no other explanation of the sudden insight. Satoko and her coach were clearly shocked by such Canadian charitable compaign “free vision correction for tech panel”. But I’m sure at her home GP, her jumps will be without pre- or underrotations and with +3 again. But her programs are delightful, amid all the others it’s just a different level. Beautifull SP. She fascinated me with her FP to Star Wars in white dress not in storm trooper.

Kaetlyn Osmond raised like a phoenix. I liked her performance a lot! She has it all: high jumps, great skating skills, good speed, transitions, nice programs and costumes, and she really sells the program! I understand the judges who want to praise such skating with high marks. I also think that she had the best music of the ladies free program event. Never underestimate the power of music. Canadian National Championships will be exciting to watch.

Evgenia Medvedeva is still ahead of the rest. She eventually throwed the half over the boots tights! I’m extremely happy)  And everything is great: Evgenia, her elements, dresses … but I wish she had programs of Miyahara’s level instead of Averbukh’s level…. Ah, dreams. The SP is sweet and would perfectly fit a junior skater, not a senior World Champion. They need to change the music for the step sequence in the free program. It’s absolutely unappropriate if not to say tougher. I have zero questions to Zhenya but I have a lot of question to her team! And I’m afraid to imagine which topic Averbukh can chose for the Olympic season (

Сhallenge accepted

Matteo Guarise in his super tight jumpsuit…with nude illusion on the back just overshadowed everything… I even don’t remember what they did in their sp) Free program is beautiful and touching with a lot of interesting transitions.

It was sad and painful to watch Yuko and Sasha skating( Maybe, they should have skipped the GP and took care about Yuko’s health?

Americans Haven and Brandon finished their GP faster than everyone else, they even didn’t have a chance to travel) They didn’t repeat the success of home GP, but the competition was stronger. Anyway, well done. And the music from their SP is still playing in my head)

Luba and Dylan – such a warm-hearted, beautiful pair. Luba in lifts it’s legen— wait for it —dary! And they have great programs, but when all this beauty will do their jumps? When this happy day will come?

The whole SP of Yu / Zhang I wanted to cry. To cry for pair Yu/Jim which I really liked and believed in. And the music also contributed to such a sad mood. But I have to admit that this reshuffle had sense … .. turned out a strong pair and a very dangerous competitor. But for how long? Even Chinese pair skaters can’t skate forever.

I was 100% sure that Meagan won’t give up about 3axel throw) How she saves such landings?! Incredible! They have just a killer’s short program. Not everything turned out in the FP, but it also was cool. And Russian figure skating fans, please don’t start again your favorite  “No lines, two single skaters, where the hell pair skating is going, lines are no longer valuable, AAAA conspiracy!”. Your ice dancers have been crying about something similar for two recent Olympic cycles and still no result) If Meagan and Eric skate in their full power, only beautiful lines won’t help to beat them. There is only question for the rest – challenge accepted?

– Lesson one, lose the goatee. It doesn’t go with your suit.
– I don’t have a suit.
– Lesson two, get a suit.

Han Yan – clean skating-free since 2012. So, it’s time to develop a cunning plan how to persuade Yan don’t work on choreo with Lori Nichol ever again. Even for a show. She’s just not his choreographer. In addition to programs and troubles with jumps Yan decided to shock me with his costume. No tight pants – great, but what the hell it was?! A jacket with translucent sleeves from his grandma’s blouse?!

Takahito Mura was good in the short program. I tried not to pay attention on trim and ruffles on his shirt and ignore the fact that during his performance Tessa and Scott were dancing their flamenco in my head ) In the free program Rachmaninov was stronger than Takahito. Yes, I’ve been always saнing that this’s unlucky music. Great but unlucky.

Sasha Petrov is a good, hard-working guy, but I have nothing to say about him. Even his shiny jacket faded on the background of his rivals’ outfits.

Looking at Misha Ge‘s costume for the SP, I expected at least The Swan Lake) In the free program all came together – music, costume, skating. Tchaikovsky is Tchaikovsky. You just can’t skate poorly to Tchaikovsky. Do what you want but hold your edge, rotate, perform! Misha coped remarkably, I think it was a performance of his life. I also hope that pants in Max Aaron’s style, were a one-time action due to balletic program.

Daniel Samohin – a real man, he was fighting for all his elements!

I like Michal‘s SP so much! And yes, Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit. Well-dressed men is my weakness. After the performance # ClassicBrezina in the short, I didn’t expect anything good from his free. And wow 4S! Someone please make a horoscope. You know, where was Mars in relation to Jupiter and so on. we should know when to expect phenomenon #NotClassicBrezina next time!

Another Canadian bird-phoenix – Kevin Reynolds. It was an unexpected but really pleasant surprise!

Now I’ll take all my courage and say. I don’t like Yuzuru‘s short program, it doesn’t suit him. Yes, you can start to spill venom at me and call me hater. He’s an elf, prince charming, samurai ….such sexy provocative things are not for him and not about him.

Free program will be cool. I like this music, it’s so heartfelt and he feels it. Costume….yeah…I’ll try to ignore his costume, especially this fluttering something on his shoulder. And I’m sure, he’ll master quad loop. Yuzuru just knows the “Bro code” well and one of it’s rules says “Sometimes you should give the others a chance to win”.

I need a pause cacao to continue. Of course, watching the men’s event I needed something stronger than cacao)

Blackbird singing in the dead of night… 4 o’clock in the morning after a sleepless night sounds almost like trolling) Ok, let’s be serious, great song, great program, wonderful performer. And a f * g axel. And a special thank you Patrick, for laconic, elegant men’s costumes.

I won’t tell what Marina, as a tough Russian woman, should do to Patrick for his performance in the free program. But you can use your imagination – it’s has something to do with suspenders from his short program costume. I hope his jumps will be there, it’s a big pleasure to watch him skating, but I haven’t accepted the music yet( I also didn’t feel a joy of the first place (I can’t call it a victory). But I won’t say a single ironic word on his choice of the coaching team. Not a word. Because in c&K I saw with my own eyes how they love him. Perhaps, this is what Patrick needed.

Ted, that’s not a rain dance. That’s a fat kid with a bee in his pants.

Paul – Islam – it was sad. Did they move to DL group for this? Krilova could easily do a Liszt’s Love dream for them)

Nikolaj Sorensen began to wiggle on twizzles again. And Laurence‘s dress, pareos, or what it was, distracted me entire dance.

I like Hawayek – Baker since juniors. Last season wasn’t good for them, this season they look really interesting. Cool short dance. Unexpected for such a lyrical pair. A good choice of music for the free dance and very beautiful choreography. It’s noticeable that now they’re the first pair for Krylova, not just one among others. pity mistake on twizzles. And unfortunately it’s almost impossible for them to be in the team for Worlds.

At B-event it seemed to me that Stepanova – Bukin improved a lot. Perhaps it was on the background of not well prepared rivals. Rivals polished their dances, corrected mistakes but Sasha and Vanya stayed on the same level. Amid top pairs they looked almost like juniors. No, this season dances it’s a big step forward for them, but you can’t expect some serious results with such stuff. SD is good, but Sasha needs to let herself go and have more freedom. Too much rushing in tango, and I wonder who created their lifts….did he really thinks that such lifts look good?

Anna and Luca are almost certainly out of the final. Surprisingly and sad. Yes, I was critical about their dance. But the paradox, during their performance I haven’t looked at the tech table even for a second. And once again, the prize for best dress of the event goes to Madame Hottarek.

Some bad people have stolen Piper Gilles‘ dress for the sd and did something bad with it. I have no other explanation how this strange finishing appeared on the bodice.  Actually, this is my only complaint. Great disco dance and a very sensual, atmospheric tango. The rare case when a pair dances not only for the audience and the judges, but also for each other. Frankly, their tango was the brightest impression of free dance event for me. My favorite presentation – with external moderation there is a rage of passion inside. Are Weaver and Poje in danger?

It seems that all this time Igor Shpilband worked only on Chock and Bates‘ dances, concentrated all his attention on them. Madison looks awesome in the short dance. Fatal sexy! That’s how Sasha Stepanova should look in her sd. However, Evan still looks funny. But who cares about Evan, when Madi is near. I still don’t really understand their FD, but they worked a lot on it, the first part look solid and lifts are as always amazing. Let’s see how the thing will go for them.

Tessa and Scott has my favorite short dance of the season. I wanna sing each song, I wanna taste every moment and I can simply loose my mind during their step sequence. No words are needed. There are ice dancers and there are ICE DANCERS. It was legen … wait for it … dary, legendary! I’m a bit sad about their FD. Not because of mistakes, mistakes are normal thing for pair that haven’t competed for two years. No, I just has a feeling of deja vu with Patrick Chan. The skaters were much stronger than music and it was the first place, not a victory, which I so desperately wanted for them.

Now I should start packing for Rostelecom Cup)

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10 Responses to “Skate Canada 2016 review”

  1. Natalie says:

    Finally, someone else who doesn’t like Yuzuru’s short program! I love him so much as a skater but I agree that he is more lyrical and classic. Some skaters can do sexy, some just shouldn’t That program doesn’t do anything for him. I grew up in Minneapolis (where Prince is from) so I love that music. I just don’t love it for Yuzu.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I don’t see Yuzuru in sexy programs, he doesn’t have it. Maybe he’ll. Even a lyrical skaters in lyrical programs can look sexy. can have this edge. But he’s a bit above human desires in his skating. That’s why he reminds me of elfs from fantasy books. Even his program to Gary Moore wasn’t sexy, it’s was rather about juice of youth.

  2. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    I agree, Yuzuru’s, Evgenia’s, and Rika’s programs need to disappear.
    I am in love with Madi and Evan’s SD…I could watch it 50 times.
    Also, Tessa and Scott’s SD is much better than the FD…I only wish Tessa would get rid of the fluff on top of her unitard, it’s a little distracting.

  3. OlgaLV says:

    Thanks for your review!I didn’t watch all the skaters,now I know what to see more.
    Evgenia seems to be reading FS Gossips as she moved her tights from her boots:)

    • FS Gossips says:

      Haha, I think all figure skating fans hoped for that) Especially Russian figure skating fans, they have this thing about white boots)

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