Alexei Mishin: Elizaveta’s jumps are unique.

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva’s performance at Skate Canada.

A.M.: I’m dissatisfied with the result. It’s a pity that she was unable to stay in the third place. Cause? Stupid crash at the beginning of the program. When Liza did a beautiful triple toe loop and then didn’t continue her combination. As for the double axel in the final part of the program, it was caused by failure of nerves. After a fail of jumping system she was afraid that she can exceed the number of double jumps, so replaced the double axel with single. It should be said about the judging, which had a Canadian-Japanese orientation. Those jumps which Tuktamysheva demonstrates, can’t be compared with the jumps of her competitors.

But it should be noted another thing. At practices of this event Elizaveta found that motion coordination, which has left her. Also at practices she regained a triple axel, and executes it on a +3. If we talk about plans, then we have some thoughts about changing the program.

Every skater has a strong side. Elizaveta’s jumps are unique. No one has such jumps.

My research advisor Alexander Gandelsman was saying that figure skating is a pyramid with a wide base, on top of which are jumps. What is happenning now in the men’s skating is a direct confirmation. A woman’s skating follows the men’s. The upcoming Olympics may pass under the sign of this element.

And of course Mishin cannot but mention Plushenko)

Young Plushenko would have been very handy for current figure skating. Of course, it’s difficult for him to do quadruple jumps, compared with young leaders of the world figure sakating, but on the background of our new skaters Plushenko would have looked pretty good. I want to recall the conversations before the Olympics in Sochi, that he closes the road for the youth, but now the road is open, but young people do not want to run on this road. – Mishin said


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