Oleg Vasiliev suggested that Julia Lipnitskaya should switch to pairs

Posted on 2016-10-20 • 13 comments


Famous figure skating coach Oleg Vasiliev made an official proposal to Julia Lipnitskaya. He suggested that  18-year-old athlete should start a career in pair skating.

He thought that in this way she would be able to cope with the psychological trauma received after the Olympics in Sochi.

In my opinion, the Olympic Games in Sochi was the peak of her sports career. The program, which Ilia Averbukh did for her, skating, that she showed, her red dress, which is remembered all over the world. And then Julia started to have changes in her body: she began to grow, there was a hormonal explosion, and she didn’t cope with his weight.

Now Julia looks great, she lost weight and got back in shape. But the psychological trauma received in the post-Olympic season, when she lost everything possible (ranked ninth in the championship of Russia), is still exists. Julia hasn’t coped with it yet. – Vasiliev said

He also explained that he knows how to help Julia. She needs to try herself in pair skating.

With this publication I make an official proposal to Julia Lipnitskaya to find herself, returning to the top of figure skating not as a singles skater, but as a pair skater. She has all characteristics that allow to think about it.

source: dni.ru


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13 Responses to “Oleg Vasiliev suggested that Julia Lipnitskaya should switch to pairs”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    It’s tough to skate with a partner, you have to rely on him for part of it and if things don’t go well, you have to work it out with him. Some girls are great pair skaters but don’t work well with a partner, or are just paired with a man who doesn’t suit them. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

  2. marie says:

    Toutes ces bêtises au sujet de julia..
    Tous ces américains stupides avec leurs idées nulles..

  3. David says:

    “” She could probably change representing country?:))””

    Why would she do that ?
    Because Recently she was praising Putin for his birthday :

    • Stolbova Obsessed says:

      In Russia, if you show support for a politician such as the president, you get more publicity. Almost all the skaters do it so they can stay on top.
      It’s not that they LIKE doing it, it’s that they’re trying to stay on the team. In a world where all the girls have potential, you have to do whatever you can to make sure you don’t get kicked off the roster.

    • Olga says:

      Of course,I thought it only as a joke and of course she’ll never change Russia.I know that loyality to president is very high in Russia.

  4. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    The thought of Julia as a feisty Russian pairs girl makes me smile.

    She would have to adapt to some changes but overall it’s not a bad idea. There is in fact an empty spot in pairs with Volosozhar/Trankov absent and Kavaguti/Smirnov soon to retire.

    At only 18 she has plenty of time to adapt. Most pair girls don’t get good until they are in their mid-twenties (Julianne Seguin and Wenjing Sui excepted), so Julia could easily be a good pair skater.

    I wonder who her partner would be. I have a secret dream that Alexander Smirnov keeps skating after 2018, Yuko retires, and he pairs up with Julia and wins 2022 gold :) But more likely she’d get Deputat or Enbert or somebody.

    If she’d be willing to skate for the US, Max Settlage is looking for a partner :)

    But I don’t think Ksenia Stolbova would like that very much. One diva per country is plenty :)

    • Olga says:

      I also think Julia has a plenty of time to skate at singles.Pairs skating is too dangerous nowdays. She could probably change representing country?:))
      By the way,Vasiliev could better think about Deputat\Bazarova than make such announcements. Maybe he is searching for new promising pair..

      • Stolbova Obsessed says:

        Pairs is so scary.
        I’d like Julia as an ice dancer :)

      • FS Gossips says:

        I think it’s rather a desperate move from Vasiliev. Tries to attract some attention to pair skating. Lots of girls in Russia do figure skating, but 95% of them doing single skating. They want to be next Julia Lipnitskaya, not next Tatiana Volosozhar or Ksenia Stolbova. Most of them have pretty good triples, but they won’t have chances to be successfull because the feild is so deep and competition is so strong. But they can be successful in pair skating, because for a lot of Russian junior pair girls even one consistant triple jump is a miracle. Lots of girls can follow Julia’s example if she decides to switch into pairs. And having such a project as Julia Lipnitskaya pair skater Vasiliev probably can get a better conditions for his students.

        • Stolbova Obsessed says:

          All the attention goes to the ladies’ skating. Julia Lipnitskaia was considered an idol in sport. When you are a ladies skater you are the center of attention. Nobody wants to have a Maxim Trankov or Fedor Klimov stealing your spotlight :)

          I don’t know, I think the prospect of skating with a handsome partner is very attractive.

        • Olga says:

          I think to skate ‘not alone’ is also very difficult, good results will not come immediately.I just remembered Valentina Marchei,of course it’s another story,but elements like twist or lifts are not their strongest points.But I like them very much,they are so charismatic!

  5. Olga says:

    Maybe such proposal should be made only tet-a-tet not to all world? He is saying not very pleasant words to her,I think she understands it as well that she’ll never be such a star again.
    I think she is more individual skater,but in pairs skating she would look very beautiful.

    • Stolbova Obsessed says:

      I want Adelina Sotnikova in pairs too. Then the good old Adelina-Yulia rivalry can continue. (Side note: If Adelina was a pair skater I would love to see her skate with Fedor Klimov).

      I hope this doesn’t create a Chinese pairs situation where they split up a couple to reassign them new partners. But I wouldn’t put it past Russia to split Tarasova and Morozov and give Morozov to Julia. Or they might even play on instability between Stolbova and Klimov and try to make Klimov skate with Julia.

      I rather doubt it will happen for a while, but just a few speculations.

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