Italian skaters showed their programs

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With all those Russian test skates and ice dance drama I completely forgot about B-event Lombardia Trophy, where both top Italian pairs and ice dancers Charlene Guignard / Marco Fabbri presented their new programs for season 2016-2017. I want to share my opinion about it.

Valentina Marchei and Ondrej Hotarek

Well, even with mistakes on jump and throw and not very high speed I enjoyed watching this program. Valentina and Ondrej are very charismatic skaters and seem to find their style. This short program suits them a lot and I definately like it way more than their last season’s Carmen. This lift always impresses me and Ondrej looks damn hot) But I think Valentina should think of a different dress, this one is not complimentary for her body type.

In the free program the speed seems to be better, but they still have slow entries into elements( But I really want to see this program skated clean. I want to see Valentina and Ondrej full of energy and drive skating this program. My favorite momet of the program when on the words ‘put your hand in my hand’ they hold their hands and start the lift and then on words ‘let the sky fall’ Valentina lies into this breathtaking lift! I know it’s a bit literal interpretation of the song and music, but I really liked how it looked! And again about costume. I know that Valentina is brave girl, but I wish she has chosen sexy and gorgeous evening gown instead of this jumpsuit.

Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise

Last season this pair impressed me with their progress in lines and second mark and I need to say they continues to surprise me. Even with lot’s of mistakes this program looks impressive. It’s a difficult program in terms of choreography, because it has interesting and various transitions, dancing lifts. Of course, it’s not easy to skate it clean this early in the season. And this time I’m totally pro black jumpsuit for a lady, Nicole looks stunning.

And I was even more impressed with the free program. Such a lovely program! By the way, who works with them as choreographer? Who did this beautiful programs? Great work! The program goes in one breath. I think it can be a breakthrough season for them. I hope so. I liked the junpsuit in short program, but this one is not so elegant and chic…..I wish for the competitions she’ll wear a lovely dress.

Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri

I think guys wisely assessed their strengths and decided not to do a sexy passionate dance. I think their fun and flirty dance will look good on contrast with all these passions and ‘look how hot we are’ dances. I really liked the fact that dance doesn’t look divided into two parts  (blues + swing). What I didn’t likes is some moves that I’ve already seen in their last season’s sd and an old lift.

Their free dance was the biggest surprise and impression from this competitions! I was watching it with an open mouth. What a progress! This guys are perfect example that even if you are not a natural talent, If you don’t have stunning beauty, if you don’t have big difference in height with your partner you can compensate it all by working really hard. And then you dances will look beautiful, lifts impressive and effortless. Yeah…..If I were some ice dancers I’d start getting nervous) It may suddenly find out that bronze at the European Championships is no longer guaranteed for dancers from your country.

Hmmm why Cappellini / Lanotte are so quiet? We even don’t know their music.

video from The Sky Is The Limit youtube chanel


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