Russian test skates 2016: ladies free program [video]

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Here’re videos from ladies free program at Russian test skates 2016 in Sochi.

After so many great short program I expected a lot from ladies’ fp. And honestly I was disappointed a little bit. Short programs were way better.

Evgenia Medvedeva

I have no doubt that Evgenia will confirm her number 1 status in Russian team, I wish I can say that I’m sure she’ll confirm her World Champions title….but something doesn’t let me to do it. With puberty you never knows when it’ll come, when it’ll be over and which jump combinations it’ll take away. Evgenia is in amazing shape, lots of respect to her and her coaching team. But I don’t really want to comment on her program. For me it’s too much, I don’t like the exploitation of a real tragedy, for me it’s inappropriate. Don’t like the noise of the city in her music. I wish she had tried another choreographer.

Adelina Sotnikova

Again, Adelina’s program was my favorite. So powerful, dramatic, to goosebumps! Both her programs are too good to be shown only at shows( Last season Tatiana Tarasova was impressed by FP “Red Violin” of Italian skater Giada Russo and I can see some moves in Adelina’s program that definately were inspired by that program. I hated the results of Sochi Olympics. I hated it because I think Yuna or Caro were robbed of well deserved gold and now I’m angry that Olympic golden medal just closed Adelina’s future sporting career. She become such a performer! Her skating is developing, she’s trying different styles…..and we probably won’t see it at major competitions. That makes me very sad(

Anna Pogorilaya

Nice program, not very special or memorable, but really nice. I also see improvements in Anna’a lines! Like the middle part, this song suits her skating. She also seems to be in pretty good shape! Thank goodness another beautiful dress for Anna!) I really like the dress and it’s tender color, but I’m not sure it completely suits the mood of this program. Maybe she can sew the same dress but of a different color?

Julia Lipnitskaya

Julia where’s Swan Lake? Even the worst Swan lake would have been better that this program. This program seemed empty and Julia seemed slow( Couldn’t she do a fp with a good choreographer too? Not really interesting music cut….program looks more like a gala program.

Alena Leonova

Strange thing, I know that this program wasn’t choreographed by Zhulin, but I can smell some Zhulin style)) His favorite Vivaldi with children’s laughter and hunting ducks. All program I had s feeling that Aliona is trying to look much younger than she is and it doesn’t make program any better. The shape is also very sad(

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

Well, with good jumps and if Liza will skate with fire this program can be saved. But I still can see bad ice coverage and that music isn’t helping or inspiring her. I won’t be surprised if Liza decide to change her FP or go back to her last season’s Carmina Burana.

Maria Sotskova

Lovely program and a really good choice for a young girl! In the FP Maria doesn’t look as slow as in her SP. Beautiful lines, good musicality. Pretty solid program for a senior debute. I won’t be surprised if Maria will get the third spot in the national team for Europeans and Worlds.

Serafima Sakhanovich

I think that at this point of Serafima’s career program is not the most important thing. So, If she feels comfortable skating it and if she likes it than ok I won’t compaine about it) But I still think that she deserves better choreography.

video from anemon101 youtube chanel

ladies free program from Russian test skates 2016 is here




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One response to “Russian test skates 2016: ladies free program [video]”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    I adore Adelina’s beautiful program this year! She looks excellent. I hope she gets the 3rd spot with Evgenia and Maria.
    I’m not a big fan of Evgenia’s program to be honest, but she’s skating very well.

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