Strange choice of figure skating costumes

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Preparation for the new season is gaining the momentum. Some skaters already shown their programs and costumes. I understand that maybe this is not the final version of costumes but I still want to make some comments.

I hope this two teams will change or somehow rework their costumes.

Alexandra Aldridge and her new partner Matthew Blackmer wore this costumes for their free dance at 2015 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships.

AldridgeI like simple dresses but this one is not a good choice for Alexandra. It moves the accent from the waist to hips and adds some extra kilos in that area. The cut of neckline also makes silhouette look unproportional. She needs to be more careful with the cut of her dresses. I also don’t like that her belly button is seen through the nude illusion mesh.

Another new pair Isabella Tobias and Ilia Tkachenko also were too creative with their costumes for the free dance.

tobias tkachenko1What are they skating to? Scheherazade? Bollywood? Oh in reality it neither Scheherazade nor Bollywood. Their free dance is to The Polovtsian Dance from Alexander Borodin’s opera Prince Igor. And according to their interview Illia portray Prince Igor. So, why the Rus prince wears the Turkish plushy kaftan? Or it’s a Raj’s costume?

As for Isabella’s dress, I’m sure it’s extremely expensive with all those large rhinestones and sequins. But in my opinion the dress is tasteless. If the idea is cheap the costume won’t look expensive no matter how many decor you have used. ALso the nude illusion mesh is doesn’t match the skin tone.

It’s always useful to look to the prototype (from opera, ballet, movie etc.) before designing the costumes. Or someone was banned in google?

I will leave here some pictures from the Prince Igor, for better understanding why I was confused with this costumes.

prince igor

Prince Igor

prince igor1


It still only the beginning of the season and they have plenty of time to deal with costumes. I hope there will be some changes.


While some costumes need a revision, someone already has a beautiful ones. American junior ice dancing team showes some style.
See also my choice of best pair costumes in season 2014-2015.


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