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Ludmila Velikova told about Anastasia Mishina / Vladislav Mirzoev’s preparation for the upcoming seson and new programs.

L.V.: We parepated in Sochi. Since June 9 we have been on the ice. We were at the training camp of our group, did physical trainings and worked on the ice. Almost all the time on the ice we worked on the short program due to changes in rules and new requirements.

Anastasia and Vladislav have new short program. I did it myself. The rest is like vinaigrette. Alexander Stepin also helped us.

The new short program is to the music Saragina Rumba-17 turned out very hard.  It was assumed that the intersection in stpes will be canceled this season and haven’t waited till the final decision, we immediately began to do this in pair, and it’s very difficult. We’re still working on steps sequence. It’s interesting and on the fourth level.

The free program is to music of Michael Fugain – Attention Mesdames et Messieurs; Andrea Bocelli, Edith Piaf – Life in pink; Tony Tomas – Paris Kansille, we kept it from the last season, but the progran is almost new. At first we didn’t want to, but this season juniors cad so flip or lutz throw instead of toeloop, so we choose flip. The toeloop throw is not promising for the further work, very few people do it, becase this element is “cheap”. We began to learn flip throw for the short program and also add it to the free progran, to increase the number of repeats for the more effective work. Because of another first element – throw, we have to change the program. And I think it turned out better, with better skating. At the same time we revised final, made it different. Only the middle part remained unchanged – the slow one.

The music is the same….

L.V.: But the program is different. We’ll also change a costume, so noone will notice.

Anastasia Mishina Vladislav Mirzoev

How Anastasia and Vlaislav worked after last year’s success?

L.V.: They worked hard. And above all, due to the fact that Anastasia is going through a difficult period in the life of every girl. She’s 15 years old, and that’s it. At this age, many athletes gain weight even from the air, from one type of food. She has to fight with extra weight, but it’s difficult. Nastia is very thin, holding herself. But any normal person, when he’s ihungry, is angry, so Nastia is often irritable. Vlad in this situation doesn’t feel the best way. He’s very well-mannered, but sometimes it’s not easy to restrain. It’s hard for Anastasia too. Sometimes when something doesn’t work, she reacts violently to comments, offended over nothing, complains why she’s criticized. I have to explain that I don’t criticize her, I’m coaching, and that’re two different things. But it’s all familiar, this happens with everyone, all go through this.

Parents are very helpful, explain that without arguing you can learn twice faster. But at this age the words and examples don’t always help. Now the relationship in a pair are normal. Although, there was a time when guys had to work very hard. But it is necessary to pass through.

Anastasia Mishina Vladislav Mirzoev

Nastia and Vlad are very good, but very different. She’s a fighter. If something is not done, she’ll find time and ice at the weekends and will work on it. Imagine, at the test skates in Novogorsk, ar trainings something didn’t worked on, so she wanted to go and train alone. Good that ice was occupied and Viktor Kudryavtsev stopped her. And Vlad is an ordered man. They have different characters, and youth, when you don’t have enough life experience to adjust to each other. But as Maxim Trankov says “We must be able to endure.” He went through it all with Masha Mukhortova.



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