Maxim Trankov about his coaching experience

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At Russian junior test skates in Novogorsk Maksim Trankov was in unusual for him role – as a coach. Anticipating the question, Maxim immediately clarified that he works with young athletes only till the end of test skates. Future prospects of his coaching has not been discussed yet.

Interview about reasons to try himself in coaching and plans for the future.

Maxim, your helped guys from your group before, but now it seems that you’re thoroughly involved in coaching?

Maxim: Just happened that Nina Moser being very buissy with senior pairs has missed juniors a little. Although, she has always been firmly involved in this particular work before Volosozhar – Trankov joined her group.  Fedorova – Miroshkin probably was the last strong junior pair from our group, and in recent years the situation has deteriorated. Vladislav Zhovnirsky started to work more with Stolbova – Klimov and his wife Arina Ushakova gave birth and went on maternity leave. As a result, we have almost no specialists who could bring junior pair at a good level. Yes, there are few coaches in our group, who work with athletes and who have been working productivly for many years, but the coaching council asked me to help guys with advise. With one pair I started to work more closely.

This is Arina Ushakova’s pair – Daria Foka – Mikhail Domnin. They teamed up not long ago, when Arina was already on the last months of pregnancy and then gave birth. Although the guys have been skating together  for 9 months, but trainings began two months ago, because they hadn’t a coach. All this time they were getting used to each other, working with choreographer …

They skate well, specialists like them, but in terms of technique they’re a bit weak yet. Guys have good jumping base. But we just have learnt triple twist and triple throws. Now we’re working on lifts. So far, it’s the most problematic area, because the boy came from single skating. He hasn’t been doing pair skating before and he’s not very developed physically. Dasha also has some difficulties. She grows up. From the little girl ahe turns into a young women. But this stage passes quite smoothly, not like it  happens with other athletes.

For how long do you plan to work with this pair?

Maxim: This project has been agreed with me till the test skates. We haven’t conversation with Nina Mikhailovna, Vlad and Arina yet. Perhaps. guys will be picked up by thier coaches. After test skates I’ll report on the results, what’s next it’s unknown.

Maxim Trankov

Do you like coaching?

Maxim: While it’s difficult to say anything, but I’m never guessing on the future. You see, when you’re an athlete yourself, you’re completely busy with sport. You execute pla that coach made for you, monitor your health, diet … It’s much easier than to organize the training process for others. Coaching profession it’s not only standing at the board. This is a huge expenditure of energy – physical, emotional. Making plans, organization of trainings, etc., especially when children are young, they must be monitored all the time, resolve any issues, intervene in situations that are happening off the ice, plus health and so on. Frankly, despite the fact that I’m in sport so many years, all of this is hard enough. Thank God Nina Nozer helps. Speaking about the results of my work, it’s very difficult for me to judge. It’s necessary to ask guys whether they like or do not, is there any progress or not. Ambient say there is, but I see the athletes every day, and it seems to me that there is no, that coaching it’s not for me. Although, everyone thinks differently, they say that everything is going fine.

And what are your and Tatiana’s plans?

Maxim: We took a break we need heal all the injuries accumulated during sports career. Tanya has some problems with her foot, and to recover she needs time. Plus we need to think, to look at the overall situation in the sport. Now it’s not the most favorable in concedering the recent events. We don’ t want to prepare for the Olympics and then lose the opportunity to go there like Elena Isinbaeva. We need to understand what will happen in future, how it’ll develop, how we’ll feel. Maybe we will give birth to a child and will have time to come back before the next Olympic Games. I do not know. Now we have let the setuation go a little, and try to live like normal people.

In principle, we have already achieved all dreams and goals. So, it’s necessary to understand what for we have to go through all of this again. Do we need it or not?  We need to start to miss the competitions, fight, this emotions, because last year we didn’t, that is what we lacked. Lacked for result, for better skating. At the competition we felt not as usual. Emotionally we weren’t ready, so we decided to take a break till the New Year, till the Russian Nationals.

If you decide to continue and compete this season, will you keep last season’s programs?

Maxim: No, of course, we’ll do new. We are not used to perform on the old baggage. We’ll make it, we’ll do everything.




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4 Responses to “Maxim Trankov about his coaching experience”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    Interesting interview. But is he blaming Stolbova and Klimov for the lack of good young pairs? #ThePlotThickens Maybe it was a slip of the tongue?

    I am a little disappointed that we won’t see them on the Grand Prix. It’s dangerous for what was the number 3 couple at Worlds to sit out and let Kavaguti and Smirnov run away with their Olympic spot. Remember what happened to Sotnikova.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Maxim is known for his ‘first say then think’. Huge disadvantage for a media person. I don’t think he’s blaming someone, but it’s obvious that Mozer gave all her attention to VT and SK, so there was to time for juniors. Tarasova / Morozov happy to have Robin as their personal coach.

      • Stolbova Obsessed says:

        Yes, I noticed how honest Max is. I don’t think he’s trying to be mean, but he should be more careful. What he says could be misinterpreted.
        I wonder how it works with Robin always around. It seems that he and Max weren’t always good friends, to say the least.

      • Stolbova obsessed says:

        I think Max has a personality like the runner Usain Bolt. Charismatic, nice guy, funny, but knows he’s the greatest and isn’t afraid to say so.

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