Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier showed new dances

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Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier showed their dances for season 2016-2017.

SD ‘Oh What a Night for Dancing’ by Barry White and ‘Disco Inferno’

Great that someone choose disco as second rythm for SD! I’m sure at main competition Piper and Paul will rock in this dance! But the pattern looks weak and requires a lot of work. Even if it’s on level 4, I doubt that it’ll look impressive. That’s why I like the second part more. Interesting step sequence – with lot’s of moves in disco style. Last year’s lift was well adapted and modify for new dance. And I really like Piper’s dress and ponytail hairdo!

FD – tango Tangled

After last year’s FD I expected a lot from Piper and Paul. I expected something no less innovative and creative….that’s why I’m a bit disappointed, I know it’s only an offseason and they have a lot of time before first competition, but last season their FD even on this stage looked impressive. Can’t say the same about this one. The dance requires a lot of work. It was a brave decision to chose tango, because it requires strong basic technique, choreography and lines. If you don’t have it all – tango will only highlight all your weaknesses. So, I think it’s a bit strange choice for Piper and Paul, because it’s difficult to call them a pair who will look good in classic tango. Funny, unusual, grotesque tango – yes. Classical – no. But I liked the twizzles and lifts – really in style.

And Piper’s dress……can I just say that it’s a disaster and horror?) Glistening swimsuit and translucent gypsy shawl. In my taste it’s worth a deduction for costume violation)

Rumour has it that we’ll see a tango by a Russian duo. Ouch…I’m already scared) But will be interesting to compare.



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2 Responses to “Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier showed new dances”

  1. Jim Kerber says:

    I love the lace/shawl part of the dress, hate the bra/swimsuit part. Some serious redesign adjustment needs to happen.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I thought that nothing can be worse than Piper’s training costume for pasodoble)) Guess I was wrong)) But It’s Piper, so I doubt that she will change this dress, the small chance – if she got a deduction) But at least the swimsuit can be black, not bright pink)

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